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Andy Irons

Behind surfing’s wall of silence, managers, sponsors, and the sport’s governing body knew Andy Irons had a problem. Now some of them are finally ready to talk about it.

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On Monday, Outside’s Brad Melekian published a long-form, investigative follow-up to his expose entitled “Last Drop” about the controversy surrounding the death of three-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons.

It’s a tragic and complex tale, and Melekian skillfully pieced it together. Follow the link below to read the full piece.

Read Outside’s: Crashing Down.

Behind surfing’s wall of silence, managers, sponsors, and the sport’s governing body knew Andy Irons had a problem. Now some of them are finally ready to talk about it.

Additionally, our own Tetsuhiko Endo published a powerful article examining many of the same themes a few months earlier entitled Demystifying the Life and Death of Andy Irons. If you haven’t already read it, have a look.

  • ctwalrus

    WOW, can’t we just let the guy rest in piece?       hashing it over and over just to sell a few stories?   is it really needed?   My answer:   nope….

  • TerryTwoLips

    “former” employees, statements without supporting facts and this is what passes for a “skillfully pieced” surf story and we keep on raping the long-dead corpse of AI with features that offer minimal insight and, even worse, no solution or thesis in the end

    • Ben

      TerryTwolips…still hiding yourself? Thanks the way you handle

  • Stu

    fantastic read.  I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why people would object to Brad’s inquiry or his findings (unless, of course, they live in the small, private world Brad is ripping open).

  • Blasphemy Rottmouth

    This is necessary.

    Life feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on life…

    Brad Melekian should be applauded for having the balls that have lacked in surf journalism for decades.

  • Check in.

    This sad episode doesn’t cover the surf industry in glory.
    Lies , bullshit and covering up – great examples to us all.
    All WCT and QS surfers , all juniors and all the attending media need to submit to regular testing.
    Professionalism means accepting responsibility. 

  • Johnny Rebel

    It would be disrespectful to not tell the TRUE STORY about what happened.  Whether you like it or not, Andy is a public figure.  Like Chapelle said, “Once you become famous, there’s no turning back.”  His likeness and persona belonged to us (fans) as much as it belonged to them (Surf Industry) and WE DESERVE to know and understand the life of someone we worshiped.  

    The article in Outsider once again addressed the fan’s concerns over that of the industry.  Brad Melekian, good job.  

    Surfer, Surfing and Transworld need to take notes from The Outsider or simply admit that they’re CHARLATANS like most entities and folks within the “surf industry.”

    Andy will be sorely missed and I am appreciative that I have a better understanding of the man because of honest journalism.  

    The truth is simple and it is good.  Thank you Outsider, TheInertia and all who’ve paved the way hosting honest journalism and discussion free of pretense about the closed world of surfing.   

  • the roller

    The failure rate for professional drug and or alcohol rehabilitation of an addict is over 90%.

    We can blame the addicts family. We can blame the addicts friends. Shoots, we could go so far astray of the facts and blame the addicts dealer, and or their employer,….. Who is it that blames this list of people? Family, friends, employers and the like…. Usually folks who are addicts themselves….

    When it comes down to it, all rehab can ever do is teach an addict the techniques to permanent sobriety.

    The fact is, it comes down to the addict to make the decision to quit.

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  • This article and the follow up were really late, I really could have used hearing this stuff when it happened. It might have really saved me from a lot of pain and nearly killing myself. By the time I heard about this I was in the same position as my favorite surfer. I can’t help but wonder if that’s why I felt such a connection to Andy, is because if you take away the fame and talent I am Andy Irons. I just pray that I can keep doing what I’m doing, just for today. Andy still is and will always be my favorite surfer, shit if I had the fame and money he had I definitely wouldn’t have made it to 32. RIP A.I.

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