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Cori Schumacher Longboarder

Cori Schumacher has decided to boycot an event in China because of “deep political and personal reservations.” Photo: Maria Cerda

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Surf media and mainstream media have traditionally had very little to do with each other. With notable exceptions like William Finnegan, Matt Warshaw, Jamie Brisick, and Fred Pawle, (apologies to those left out) the term “surf writer” can rarely, if ever, be used outside of quotation marks. As Stuart Cornuelle said in Surfing Magazine: “We aren’t journalists.”

Well, the recalcitrant hacks at The Inertia beg to differ. This site is about taking a sledgehammer to the quotation marks that surround writing about surfing and replacing them with interesting themes, critical examination, plenty of fun, and some serious bona fides.

To my knowledge, no one is currently pushing this struggle harder than the captain of our pirate ship, Zach Weisberg. Today, on the front page of the New York Times – next to news about war in the Middle East, nuclear meltdowns, and economic woes – is a story he wrote about surfing. More specifically, it details three-time World Champion Cori Schumacher‘s struggle to tackle larger issues like misogyny, homophobia, and politics in surf culture. Read it, think about it, praise, criticize, debate…just don’t be indifferent. If we aren’t moving ideas, we aren’t doing our jobs, and even the best writers are nothing without their audience.

You can read the full story on here.

  • Al Baydough

    Correction, Stuart Cornuelle isn’t a journalist. And he proves it by making statements about things we already know. Apparently he missed that part in his English course about avoiding redundancies.
    The Inertia is resurrecting my faith in people who surf who aren’t afraid of proving they have a brain and formulating ideas that matter.


      Agreed. I don’ t know Al and I don’t know Stu, but the article was excellent, and points to a bigger reality. We all have power, whether we choose to use it responsibly or not even acknowledge it, it exists and causes effect, both large an small. It is nice to read about someone using that power in the context of something that is fun, as opposed to the typical objections and protest revolving around trade deals and oil.

  • Stu

    Women’s longboarding is boring. Nobody really cares. And, yes, Roxy supports cute little surf chicks because they sell bikinis. It is what it is. Instead of raging against this tiny little machine, why not just surf for the reasons she says she surfs? I hope my daughters surf, but they’ll never see the day I encourage them to be pro surfers (same goes for my sons). Unless you’re Slater, it’s a dead-end industry, male, female or otherwise.

    Unrelated, why are so many surf chicks gay? Do lesbians just excel at surfing, or does surfing draw lesbians?

  • great job on this site/pub… i find myself reading more and more of the posts because, as you mentioned, you’re pushing the boundaries beyond the norm.

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