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Silicon Beach Surfers

The group of entrepreneurial-minded surfers meet several times a month to hang out, network, talk business, and ride some waves. Photo: Silicon Beach Surfers

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The perks of having a startup in Southern California are endless. Great weather, infinite capital, and a large number of ambitious and entrepreneur-minded folk can be very conducive for business. A group of three hundred individuals who found some of the top startups in Southern California have come together to start Silicon Beach Surfers. The group consists of surfing entrepreneurs who meet several times per month to enjoy great waves while networking with fellow entrepreneurs who work in a myriad of professions, including entertainment, media, tech, and investing. I caught up with founder Robert Lambert to better understand what exactly a “Silicon Beach surfer” is.

What gave you the idea to start the Silicon Beach Surfers?

I started the surf group in October of 2012 with some entrepreneur friends as a place to network with fellow Los Angeles surfers working in entertainment, media, tech, and investing. And what better way to connect than during a ‘board meeting?’ In many cities and industries, the business sports are still golf, tennis, and racquetball. But not here. Here in L.A the business sport of choice is surfing, which is apparent when you realize how many of the more active and influential people in the LA tech and startup community surf. And now with over three hundred members and more than ten applications a week, it looks like we’re just getting started. Get a few waves and close a few deals before heading to the office is great. There’s a lot to like about living, working, and surfing in Silicon Beach.

Can anybody join? Do you have to be a pro surfer? What are the benefits members receive and how much is a membership?

We receive ten applications every week through our site and accept about three for a running average acceptance rate of about 30-35%. Generally, three of those applicants are looking to network to find jobs because they’re new to town or were recently let go, and the other four are people who can’t yet surf. We don’t currently accept either. Non-surfers who apply are introduced to current member, Helina Beck (Holly Beck’s sister) who runs a local surf lesson company, WaveHuggers, until they have the necessary skill to be reconsidered for membership.

Why should someone join?

Any Los Angeles surfer working in entertainment, media, tech, or investing who wants to build their network, add value to a community of fellow surfers, and join in regular surf trips is an ideal candidate.

Some of your biggest named members?

We keep the information of our members private at their request, but there are several members who have agreed to be on-record. Roni Eshel from goFlow Surf App, Morris May from Specular Theory, Hans Yang from Luxe Valet,  Aaron Godfred from Omaze, Ed Gibson from David & Goliath, and Gretta Kruesi who is a sponsored kitesurfer, artist, and model.

Local surf spot?

We surf all over Los Angeles. Venice Breakwater, Porto, PV, Topanga, County Line, and a number of lesser known spots that are better left unmentioned.

What else do you guys do besides surfing? Any special events?

We aim for 2-3 events a month. From photoshoots and group BBQ’s to private board shaping demos and more. We had a drone video surf session with Thomas Buttchereit from CopterSolutions, private group board demo by internationally renowned Haydenshapes Surfboards, and group water photo shoots with Adam Reynolds of BHB Surf

For more information on how you can join, visit their

  • Kook Plow

    This group has a lot working against it. 1. All transplants.
    2. All yuppies. 3. All kooks.

    It’s not cool to roll up to a break with an instant crowd. Especially a crowd of clowns. So when you look in,the mirror here is what you should be saying to yourself.

    “Omg I’m a yuppie and my actions help ruin communities in California. I will pay anything for rent so I can tell my friends in Kansas I live in Venice. But all I really accomplished is making anyplace interesting become a vapid wasteland”

    Kook plow
    Aka Gnar-Lee

    • seldom seen smith

      F’n A Gnar-Lee!

  • Bruno

    Please let me be part of your crew! I was never truly core and this might just be my big break! Do you guys close the breaks off when ur out there ripping or are locals allowed? We could have our own contests!

  • Pappies

    stay away from El Porto. Black Lee will round house kick these kooks.

  • Mr Montana

    You show up my “lesser known spot” and you will be deleted

  • edith20

    someone should tell them this is the exact opposite of what surfing is all about. If i hear people “networking” in the lineup – immediately block and stuff on every wave.

  • edith20

    also inertia should be embarrassed for promoting this b.s.

  • seldom seen smith

    Applicants??? 300 members??? But oh, it’s cool, they had a drone video session. It’s seriously time to seperate the wheat from the chaffe. I feel bad for you guys out there…it’s stories like this that make me appreciate 35 degree water and winter on the EC.

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