• Carla Pratt


    Carla Pratt is 23 years old and hails from the Land Down Under.... Read more

  • Buddy Prawira

    ... Read more

  • Joe Pregadio

    Surfer/Trader/Ocean Advocate

    Joe Pregadio is the founder of Be Ocean, a personal project he initiated to fulfill, what he believes, is his obligation as a surfer. His mission materialized from the realization ... Read more

  • Jeremy Pricer

    Founder, A-Frame Athletics

    I own a small company called A-Frame Athletics. I am a strength and conditioning coach specializing in movement mechanics and pain therapy... Read more

  • Jose Prieto


    Jose is a photographer who admires the sea and loves nature. When he's not taking photos, Jose is either surfing, traversing the mountains, or simply reading a good book.... Read more

  • Domenic Priore

    Author/Pop Culture Pundit

    L.A. native Domenic Priore worked in productions for Paramount Pictures and with WGBH for the PBS documentary Rock ’n’ Roll. He was the primary writer on the AMC documentary se... Read more

  • Dave Prodan

    ASP VP of Communications

    Although now based primarily in Oxnard, California, Dave appreciates being abused in a multitude of different languages as he traverses the globe alongside the world’s best surfe... Read more

  • Matt Pruett

    Surf Journalist

    Matt Pruett is formerly the Editor of Eastern Surf Magazine, stepping down after eight years in 2009 to take an Editor At Large position in the field for ESM and EasternSurf.com. H... Read more

  • Jeremy Pugh

    Writer, Editor

    Jeremy Pugh is a writer, skier and cyclist (also human) living in Salt Lake City and the author of 100 Things to Do in Salt Lake City Before You Die as well as a contributor... Read more

  • Markus Pukonen

    Founder, Routes of Change

    Markus is the founder of Routes of Change, a human powered circumnavigation of the planet supporting leaders of positive change. He has ser... Read more