• Nick Stolz

    The Inertia Style Editor

    Nick's from Philly. Went to school in Hawaii and charges like a champion on occasion. Some call him the Oracle. But whatevs.... Read more

  • David Stover

    Co-Founder of Bureo Skateboards

    David Stover holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and he brings a strong background in financial analysis to the Bureo team. Growing up in small island community renown for enviro... Read more

  • Vaun Stover-French

    Born in Washington, raised on Maui; I grew up with and spent most of my time around the ocean. I've been passionate about the ocean throughout my whole childhood thanks to ocean-lo... Read more

  • Vince Street


    Vince grew up along the coastline of Northern California in the quiet town of Pacifica. In 1997 he went to play football for the University of Hawaii and when his senior season end... Read more

  • John Streit


    My life was forever changed by two gifts I received at 12 years old. One was a guitar. The other was a surfboard. Since then, life has revolved around a balance between these two a... Read more

  • Kevin Strickland

    Photographer / Videographer

    Kevin Strickland is a New Jersey based surf photographer / videographer who grew up surfing the beaches of Monmouth County. Kevin got behind the lens of his first camera not long a... Read more

  • Nik Strong-Cvetich

    Executive Director, Save The Waves Coalition

    Nik is the Executive Director of Save The Waves Coalition, a global organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment, with an emphasis on the surf zone, ... Read more

  • Ryan Struck


    Ryan Struck is a New Jersey-based surf photographer. Inspired by a multitude of waves, people, and locations, Struck spends more time squeezing his eye behind the lens than with a ... Read more

  • Mark Suarkeo

    Clinical Prosthetist and Founder of Surf Thailand on a mission to spread smiles.

    Mark has a Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science and a healthcare background as a Clinical Certified Prosthetist. He worked at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles,... Read more

  • Sam Suendermann

    For as long as she can remember, Sam has surfed. Dabbling in the competitive longboard scene, she now enjoys traveling to remote locations to share waves with salty locals and to e... Read more