• Trevor Wells


    Trevor Wells is a Long Island, New York native that has also lived in Florida and various regions of Spain. Stints in garage board shaping and spice export mixed with constant trav... Read more

  • Marc Welschinger

    Mountain Biker/Skier/Surfer

    Marc Welschinger was born and raised in the Swiss Alps. With the next gondola in walking distance, lil’ Marc’s love for skiing evolved naturally and hasn’t diminished ever si... Read more

  • Dean Welshman

    Art Director/Longboarder

    Dean Welshman is an art director and longboarder who lives on Rhode Island’s South Shore. He also did not have the finances for a quiver while at RISD, but did have enough for an... Read more

  • Kevin Welti

    Native to Southern California, Kevin Welti's work is directly inspired by his passion for travel and the outdoors. At 23 years old, Kevin wants his photography and film to motivate... Read more

  • Mark Wengler


    Age: 54Single and loving itLocation: Copenhagen, Denmark.Used to be a very passionated windsurfer but had a violent traffic accident some years ago, which damaged his ... Read more

  • Bradley Wentzel


    Bradley Wentzel has been a freelance photographer for almost nine years. He currently lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, Kristen. He started his career off by having the amazing... Read more

  • Pete Wernicke


    I'm an easy going, fun and above all, passionate guy. My greatest passions lie in family, friends, conservation, water sports, health and fitness, leadership and of course, bloggin... Read more

  • Dave West

    Catalyst/Creator/Conspirator @CTRL V

    Dave West is a newly sprung chicken when it comes to the free range of creative expression. Putting the bull into artist, Dave has a self-effacing style, and lends irony to the sub... Read more

  • Mark Wetzler

    Mark Wetzler splits his time between the Pacific Northwest and Latin America. His work has appeared on Roads and Kingdoms, the Matador Network, and The Stranger.... Read more

  • Tamie Wexler


    Tamie is a rookie surfer who maintains a love affair with nature. When she is not spending her time in the sea or the mountains, she is writing articles and making films. Tamie bel... Read more