• Sarah Yani Vann-Sander

    Surfer/Scientist/Systems Thinker/Community Organizer/Social Entrepreneur

    Sarah is a West Australian based surfer, scientist, systems thinker, community organizer and social entrepreneur. She has an interdisciplinary background, spanning law, politics, e... Read more

  • Iki Yasuo


    Iki is an artist inspired by surfing and the natural world around him. He is passionate about nature's shapes and textures. His modern graffiti and detailed style reflects his deep... Read more

  • Lauren Ybarra Ditonto


    San Diego's Lauren Ybarra Ditonto earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of San Diego, and studied abroad at Saint Clare’s, Oxford where she cultivated her pass... Read more

  • Zach Yeamans


    I have always shot a little bit of everything, but my love is shooting in and around the water. I'm always happy to get a surfer in front of my lens, but even happier when I find ... Read more

  • Richard Yelland


    Richard Yelland is a filmmaker who explores the extremes of action sports and human storytelling. Powerful visuals and great performances are a trademark of his directorial work on... Read more

  • Mikel Yerobi


    Mikel is a filmmaker and photographer based in Zarautz, Basque Country, passionate about surfing, snowboarding and outdoor activities that let you be one with nature. He's an activ... Read more

  • Jaimal Yogis


    Jaimal Yogis is the author of Saltwater Buddha. His next book, The Fear Project, will be out in January, 2013 from Rodale. You can follow Jaimal on Facebook, Twitter, and Read more

  • Sean Yoro

    You would never guess from Hula's teenage affinity for tagging abandoned couches in his childhood neighborhood on Oahu, Hawaii that he would someday become the thriving Brooklyn-ba... Read more

  • Sean Young


    I rode my first wave in 1973 on a KFC Coolite at Freshwater Beach in Sydney, Australia and have never looked back. Presently I find myself living in Venice Beach, California where... Read more

  • James Young

    ... Read more