• Theresa Brawner

    Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston who writes articles for www.diet.st. in her free time. When she isn't helping new moms get back in shape, you can fi... Read more

  • Colter Brehmer

    Skier, Skater, Mountain Biker

    Colter grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho but was raised in the mountains of the West. A multi-sport athlete, he's "just trying to go real fast."... Read more

  • Trevor Brenden


    I’m a 21-year-old journalism student and self-taught photographer living in New York City. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA, and learning quickly that a professional surf ... Read more

  • Jacob Bresette

    Owner, Lake Effect Surf Shop

    Jacob Bresette is a Great Lakes surfer, snowboarder, skateboarder and owner of Lake Effect Surf Shop in Milwaukee, WI. Since age nine Jacob has been riding every type of board that... Read more

  • Tyler Breuer

    Co-Founder, SMASH Productions

    Born and raised in New York, Tyler grew up surfing the beaches of Long Island with his older brother Jamie. He was forced to memorize surfers' styles on VHS at the tender age of 7.... Read more

  • Art Brewer


    Art Brewer was born in Laguna Beach, California and has never abandoned the area…except to travel. Beginning in 1968 as a principal staff photographer for SURFER Magazine, his li... Read more

  • Brad Bricknell

    Former Professional Surfer

    A former professional surfer from South Africa, Brad now lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. He competed successfully on the ASP Africa circuit, was South African Men’s Champion... Read more

  • Bo Bridges


    Bo Bridges is a professional sports and lifestyle photographer whose long list of athletes and A-List celebrities has distinguished him as the sector's premier hire for any project... Read more

  • Stephanie Brisebois

    Surfer/Coach/Adventure Therapist/Propagator of Good Times

    Born in the snowy mountains of Canada’s West Coast, Stephanie sunk her teeth into everything that was playful before she could say two words. From mountain biking and snowboardin... Read more

  • Jamie Brisick


    Jamie Brisick has written two books: We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations (Consafos Press, 2002) and Have Board, Will Travel: The Definitive History of Su... Read more