• Jeff Duke

    Jeff is the founder of Lifestyle Over Luxury, an eco-conscious clothing company cleaning up a bag of trash off West Coast beaches with every sale. He currently lives and operates L... Read more

  • Matt Dunbar


    I'm a 20 year old curly-haired-fellow that enjoys dousing my camera in salt water. I have had the honor of working with some legendary Lens wielding Men and Women such as Tim Bony... Read more

  • PK Duncan

    P.K. is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and has lived in Thousand Oaks, California for the past five years where he's studying Communications at California Lutheran University. O... Read more

  • Noah Dundas

    Author, Kicking Out

    Noah Dundas now resides in Portland, OR but grew up surfing in Santa Cruz, CA during the heyday of the 90's with Flea, Ratboy and other various vermin. Being the 15th best surfer o... Read more

  • Ryan Dunfee

    Editorial & Community Manager, Teton Gravity Research

    Ryan Dunfee is the Editorial & Community Manager at Teton Gravity Research, but has yet to grasp a 7th-grade level of grammar. When not on the internet, is on a poorly-maintain... Read more

  • Derek Dunfee

    Big-Wave Hellman

    This big-wave charger from La Jolla, California has always been in pursuit of putting himself in the biggest waves around the world. Putting in his time in lineups across the glob... Read more

  • Tracy Dungo

    Founder, Kalaki Riot

    Tracy Dungo is a pineapple addict, podcast junkie, and founder of Kalaki Riot, an urban driven, island inspired lifestyle brand based in New York. Born in NJ and having spent a lot... Read more

  • Mary Dunham


    Being a Jersey shore local and having the ocean right down the street has been a blessing. Growing up surfing and bodyboarding taught Mary a great respect for the ocean and everyth... Read more

  • Peter Dunigan

    Originally from Maryland the beach life seemed like a distant dream. Peter spent most of my time in the brackish water of the Chesapeake Bay but truly fell in love with the ocean ... Read more

  • Morgan Dunn

    Morgan grew up in New York and moved to Southern California in his mid-20s, swearing off the frigid winters of his childhood. Low on funds, he drove west for the promise of warmer ... Read more