• Alexi Falson


    21-year-old from Byron Bay on Australia's east-coast. Currently studying in Sydney and spending nearly as much time serving suits over-priced G&T's as I do in the water. The su... Read more

  • Doug Falter


    I always liked photography, but never took it seriously until last year. I took two photography classes while attending high school and did pretty well at it. After graduating I pu... Read more

  • Alex Fankuchen

    Fly Fisherman/Writer

    Alex Fankuchen learned to tie flies in a PE class in college and has loved it since. He fishes a 9 foot, slow action bamboo rod but is opening up to graphite.... Read more

  • João Fânzeres

    João Fânzeres is from Porto, Portugal. He's a surfer with a passion for outdoor/adventure photography, with an ocean and mountain photographic theme in much of his work.... Read more

  • Junior Faria

    Writer/Former Professional Surfer

    I'm 25 years old and I was born and raised in Guarujá - Brasil. Since 10 I competed in amateur events, national and international and I've been a pro surfer since I was 17. I can... Read more

  • Luis Farina


    Brazilian born. Journalist. I love surfing, motorcycles, and everything in between.... Read more

  • Michael Farkas


    Michael was born and raised in California. Growing up, he spent a lot of time surfing, skating, and playing music in bands. Shortly after obtaining a BS in Sound Arts, Michael spen... Read more

  • Brad Farmer

    Founder, National Surfing Reserves/Ambassador for Surfers Against Suicide

    Brad Farmer is an Ambassador for Surfers Against Suicide, was awarded Honorary Life Membership with Suicide Prevention Australia in 2002, launched WSPD in Australia in 2004 and has... Read more

  • Colin Farrell


    Colin Farrell is an Irish actor that makes Hollywood blockbusters. And Colin Farrell is also a ski-bum chasing endless epic pow turns. An Eastcoast native, C. Farrell (the ski-bum)... Read more

  • Rob Farrow

    Writer/Marketing Consultant

    Rob Farrow has over 20 years of experience building, designing and implementing strategic marketing programs for companies in the technology, consumer product, hospitality and ent... Read more