• Shannon Aston

    Shannon Aston


    New Zealand born, Seoul based. Travel, fine art & surf photographer who ‘day-jobs’ as an English Professor at a Seoul University. Lifelong surfer from the South Island, tr... Read more

  • Charles Audet

    Charles Audet


    Aside from work, Charles spends a fair share of his free time backpacking, riding his motorcycle, snowboarding, and surfing in Montreal’s river waves. His adventures around home ... Read more

  • Jared Aufrichtig

    Jared Aufrichtig

    Artist / Photographer / Surfer

    Jared Aufrichtig is a Multidiscipline Fine Artist, Photographer, Musician/DJ, Writer, Filmmaker & Philanthropist creating and exploring his “Expressions©.” Originally from... Read more

  • Laura Austin

    Laura Austin


    Laura Austin has worn many hats in her career for only being 24, beginning with a job as a graphic designer at Quiksilver at the ripe age of 18. After pushing pixels for a while, L... Read more

  • Alec Avedissian

    Alec Avedissian

    Founder & CEO, RAREFORM

    Alec Avedissian is the Founder and CEO of RAREFORM, an eco-friendly outdoor company with roots in surf. Alec believes business can be a catalyst for positive change and that we sho... Read more

  • Brian Averill

    Brian Averill


    I'm a surfer and freelance photographer based in Venice, California. Constantly inspired by the incredibly vibrant surf/skate culture here in LA, I try to capture, present, and sha... Read more

  • Tracy Ann Axel

    Tracy Ann Axel

    Athletic Performance Consultant/Coach

    Tracy was born and raised in the Atlantic waters of Maryland and currently resides in Santa Monica, California. She has her Masters of Science in Kinesiology and is a strength and ... Read more

  • Fernando Azpeitia Lopez

    Fernando Azpeitia Lopez

    Founder, AirReel.com

    Fernando Azpeitia has been flying and building model RC aircrafts of any kind for almost 10 years now, always passionate about the possibilities that this technology could offer to... Read more

  • Justin Baar

    Justin Baar

    Founder, Happy in the Brine

    I am the former Professor of Surfing at San Diego State University (adjunct, of course) where I was in charge of over 600 plus students a semester learning to surf for college cred... Read more

  • Juan Bacagianis

    Juan Bacagianis


    Juan Bacagianis is an Argentinian Journalist. He used to work as a producer filming commercials and TV Shows in a major TV network in Buenos Aires. Four years ago, Juan was hospita... Read more

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