• Steve Barilotti

    Steve Barilotti

    SURFER Magazine Editor at Large

    Steve Barilotti is a veteran surf journalist and longtime Editor at Large at SURFER Magazine. Barilotti is also the writer and co-producer of the upcoming film, Minds In The Water,... Read more

  • Steen Barnes

    Steen Barnes

    Dad/Husband/Ocean Lover/Photographer

    I was born in ‘67 and I am a local at Wollongong Harbour. I’m a dad, a husband, godfather, ocean lover, kneerider, and I run a 3rd generation self-employed family business in i... Read more

  • Jamin Barnes

    Jamin Barnes


    About two years ago I moved from San Diego to San Francisco to attend college at San Francisco State University. Around the same time I bought a camera and started taking pictures ... Read more

  • Spencer Barnes

    Spencer Barnes


    Spencer Barnes is an ocean-addicted photographer from Cronulla, Sydney, Australia. When you come in from a swim and you see the best few shots you captured, you get pretty stoked a... Read more

  • Matt Barr

    Matt Barr


    Matt Barr (@barrmatt) started skating in 1991, snowboarding in 1993 and surfing in 2003. He's been writing about action sports since he started working for Whitelines in 1995, a ma... Read more

  • Lia Barrett

    Lia Barrett


    Lia Barrett is a Korean-born, American-raised professional photographer who specializes in underwater and travel photography. Since earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography ... Read more

  • Chloe Barton

    Chloe Barton


    Chloe is a Southern California native working for Cuipo, a company dedicated to saving prime rainforest around the globe. Before focusing her efforts on rainforest preservation, sh... Read more

  • John Barton

    John Barton


    After graduating high school, John commenced a fine arts degree where he studied photography for the first time. After only one year, he heard the call of the wild and answered. He... Read more

  • Guillaume Barucq

    Guillaume Barucq

    Doctor/Author of Surfers’ Survival Guide

    Guillaume Barucq is a 35-year-old surfer and doctor of medicine from France. Barucq works as a General Practitioner in Biarritz near the best surfing spots of the Basque Coast, and... Read more

  • Robin Baskerville

    Robin Baskerville


    Robin Baskerville was born in Brazil in 1979 and now lives in the paradise of São Paulo. With his archive of images, the photographer RBaserkville sells decorative frames and uniq... Read more