• Pedro Bala

    Pedro Bala


    Pedro Bala currently lives in San Francisco, CA, where surfing has been a part of his life and photography is his way to express what he sees in the ocean. He has shot Ocean Beach ... Read more

  • Rochelle Ballard

    Rochelle Ballard

    Professional Surfer/Yogi

    Rochelle is one of the most influential female surfers of our time. Arguably the best female tube rider in the world, she has been a pioneer to the progression of women's surfing s... Read more

  • Shelli Bankier

    Shelli Bankier


    My photographic work of the vast ocean blue steps away from commercial surf photography. Growing up on a yacht and sailing around the world profoundly connected me with the sea, gi... Read more

  • Dustin Barca

    Dustin Barca

    Environmental Activist

    Dustin Barca is a professional surfer, environmental activist, MMA fighter, father and Kaua’i Boy who attended Hanalei School and Kapaʻa High School.... Read more

  • Rachel Bardin

    Rachel Bardin


    Rachel Bardin has a passion for wave sliding, photography, filmmaking, and writing. She miraculously learned to surf in the Gulf of Mexico and currently lives in St. Augustine, F... Read more

  • Steve Barilotti

    Steve Barilotti

    SURFER Magazine Editor at Large

    Steve Barilotti is a veteran surf journalist and longtime Editor at Large at SURFER Magazine. Barilotti is also the writer and co-producer of the upcoming film, Minds In The Water,... Read more

  • Steen Barnes

    Steen Barnes

    Dad/Husband/Ocean Lover/Photographer

    I was born in ‘67 and I am a local at Wollongong Harbour. I’m a dad, a husband, godfather, ocean lover, kneerider, and I run a 3rd generation self-employed family business in i... Read more

  • Jamin Barnes

    Jamin Barnes


    About two years ago I moved from San Diego to San Francisco to attend college at San Francisco State University. Around the same time I bought a camera and started taking pictures ... Read more

  • Spencer Barnes

    Spencer Barnes


    Spencer Barnes is an ocean-addicted photographer from Cronulla, Sydney, Australia. When you come in from a swim and you see the best few shots you captured, you get pretty stoked a... Read more

  • Matt Barr

    Matt Barr


    Matt Barr (@barrmatt) started skating in 1991, snowboarding in 1993 and surfing in 2003. He's been writing about action sports since he started working for Whitelines in 1995, a ma... Read more