• Justin Baar

    Justin Baar

    Founder, Happy in the Brine

    I am the former Professor of Surfing at San Diego State University (adjunct, of course) where I was in charge of over 600 plus students a semester learning to surf for college cred... Read more

  • Juan Bacagianis

    Juan Bacagianis


    Juan Bacagianis is an Argentinian Journalist. He used to work as a producer filming commercials and TV Shows in a major TV network in Buenos Aires. Four years ago, Juan was hospita... Read more

  • Julien Bacal

    Julien Bacal


    Julien Bacal is a photographer, surfer/bodyboarder and environmentalist. Julien was born in France but currently resides in San Francisco. After spending 10 years along the Mediter... Read more

  • Ingrid Backstrom

    Ingrid Backstrom


    ngrid Backstrom grew up in Seattle, Washington, where she spent her winters skiing down the nearby mountains and her summers hiking back up them on backpacking trips with her paren... Read more

  • Derek Bahn

    Derek Bahn


    Specializing in product and portrait photography, Derek Bahn works full time at Hurley clothing company shooting ad campaigns, catalogs, online product, events, surfing, and concer... Read more

  • Andrew Baird

    Andrew Baird


    Andy is a 24-year-old law student based in Perth, Western Australia. He was late to take up surfing, however he’s been making up for lost time by getting wet every chance he gets... Read more

  • Tim Baker

    Tim Baker

    Author/Veteran Surf Journalist

    Tim Baker is the author of four best-selling books on surfing, including Bustin’ Down The Door, High Surf, and Occy. He is a former editor of Tracks and Surfing Lif... Read more

  • Randy Baker

    Randy Baker

    Artist/Poet/Highway Maintenance Equipment Operator

    Randy Baker has never learned to surf and, therefore, has made his observations from the deck of a bodyboard. He has visited various-sized green rooms and been worked over in impac... Read more

  • Adam Bakkedahl

    Adam Bakkedahl


    Adam Bakkedahl was born and raised in the beautiful city of Dana Point, California. When he isn't shooting, you can find Adam out in the lineup at Salt Creek or playing a round of ... Read more

  • Pedro Bala

    Pedro Bala


    Pedro Bala currently lives in San Francisco, CA, where surfing has been a part of his life and photography is his way to express what he sees in the ocean. He has shot Ocean Beach ... Read more

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