• Brett Garling

    Communications Manager, Mission Blue

    As the son of an original national organizer for Earth Day, Brett grew up in a family dedicated to preserving the integrity of our environment. He currently manages partnerships an... Read more

  • Tom Garlinghouse


    Tom Garlinghouse is a California native who was born in Laguna Beach and grew up in nearby Capistrano Beach but currently resides in Felton, California. He is an archaeologist who ... Read more

  • Dani Garreton


    Dani is a Basque Country-based artist. She was born and grew up in Chile, a country with more than 4,000 km of varied coastline. Thus, it was only natural that the sea became her l... Read more

  • Dylan Gasperik

    Natural Resources Defense Council

    I grew up surfing and fishing in southern California, always aware but fairly dismissive of water quality issues. It wasn’t until I spent a semester off from college living and w... Read more

  • Cory Gehr


    Born and raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Cory enjoys translating his perspective through his imagery. Mainly through photography and videography, Cory captures natural subj... Read more

  • Evan Geiselman

    Professional Surfer

    Surfing and competing since the age of seven, Evan Geiselman has been recognized as one of the best young surfers in the world. His smooth and explosive style has given everyone a ... Read more

  • Christian Gentile

    5 Element Yoga Therapist

    Yoga teacher, 5 Element Yoga therapist, thai massage TeacherChristian is a qualified Elemental Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Expert and globe trotter. With over 10... Read more

  • Sam George


    As both a former senior editor for Surfing magazine and former editor-in-chief of SURFER magazine Sam George, 58, has been writing about the sport for over 30 years and is acknowle... Read more

  • Matt George

    SERF Academy Director

    For over 25 years Matt George has been a leading voice in the surfing world as a journalist and a photographer. A senior Contributing Editor to SURFER magazine since the eighties, ... Read more

  • Tom German


    Growing up in England on the South Coast of Devon, I spent a large part of my youth in or around the sea. I feel this has had a resounding influence on me, and through surfing and ... Read more