• Rian Greeff

    Rian Greeff was bred to surf, especially in big barreling lefts. He spent nearly seven years of his childhood living and sailing on a 40ft steel boat. During this time he sailed fr... Read more

  • Marv Green

    Patriot/Father of a Surf Bum

    More than anything Marv Green is a Patriot, and a Father. He grew up around the world, living in countries like Germany and Italy, but since his senior year of High School Marv has... Read more

  • Marvin Green

    The Inertia Editorial Intern

    Marvin Green is a fourth year Creative Writing major at California State University at Monterey Bay. Although he’s from Sacramento, he’s always known he was a surfer.... Read more

  • Thomas Green

    Photos and Films

    My name is Thomas Green. I am 25 years old and I’ve been shooting for around nine years. I specialize in Surf photography as well as all the lifestyle that goes along with it. I... Read more

  • Paul Greene


    I’m a 16-year-old photographer born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. My love for the ocean all started at age ten after catching my first wave at Rincon. Hundreds of sessions lat... Read more

  • Janice Greenwood

    Writer/Rock Climber/Surfer

    I'm a rock climber, surfer, and writer. My work has appeared on Climbing Magazine online and elsewhere.... Read more

  • Pitt Grewe


    Pitt is a writer and marketer extraordinaire from the land of fluffy pow, Utah. A kayaker, climber, surfer and general lover of the outdoors, he currently works at Goal Zero.... Read more

  • Lucia Griggi


    Half English and half Italian, Cornwall/Venice resident Lucia Griggi's photography combines the English love of nature and countryside with the Italian love of everything. From sho... Read more

  • Shawn Griggs


    Shawn Griggs has been creating art for as long as he can remember. During his early years and throughout college, he focused solely on pen and ink and drawing, being influenced by ... Read more

  • Nicole Grodesky


    While traveling and competing, Nicole took her camera along and decided to document other female athletes during her downtime on the WQS. After her competitive surfing career, Ni... Read more