• Michael Hamilton


    Michael is a passionate surfer, traveler and entrepreneur. He first learned to surf in Long Island, NY, where he was an ocean lifeguard and a hurricane chaser. After years of trav... Read more

  • Dan Hamlin

    Freelance Writer/Surfer

    Dan Hamlin is a freelance writer and surfer from the Central Coast of California. He has appeared in and written for surf publications both nationally and internationally. He love... Read more

  • Kaspar Hamminga

    Coming from a small village in the Netherlands, surfing was not the most logical option for Kaspar. Despite the lack of good waves and the stormy weather, Kaspar fell in love with ... Read more

  • Andrew Hamra

    Andrew Hamra is an inventor, surfer, and drummer. He has found stone to be the perfect medium for merging these passions into the creation of art. "I believe carving stone is th... Read more

  • Pete Hanes


    Pete Hanes is a proud redhead who enjoys getting rowdy in the woods.... Read more

  • Yi-Hwa Hanna


    Yi-Hwa is a multimedia journalist who has worked across print and digital publishing, with a wealth of experience in social media, film, television, live radio, and event hosting, ... Read more

  • Chris Hannant


    After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in June 2010 with a BFA in photography, Chris' work evolved and he fell in love with the creative process and dynamics ... Read more

  • Matty Hannon


    Matty Hannon is a surfer and filmmaker halfway through a moto-surfing odyssey from the top of the world, to the bottom. If you’d like to learn more about the documentary film, p... Read more

  • Colin Hansel


    Colin has spent his entire life until now living on Long Island, New York. Currently living in Philadelphia, PA, he's spent the last four years working towards completing a BS in I... Read more

  • Kerry Hanson

    Research Chemist, University of California, Riverside

    Twenty-year academic research career focusing upon photochemistry of intrinsic and extrinsic epidermal chromophores (urocanic acid, UV filters, ROS sensitization) and epidermal env... Read more