• Listen Up

    Connoisseur of Fine Music

    Listen Up is The Inertia's way of sharing new, old, and interesting music with the community. If you've got something you'd like The Inertia family to hear, send an email to contri... Read more

  • Alexander Haro

    Senior Editor

    Alexander Haro is an ex tree-worker who got tired of getting sawdust in his eyes and falling from heights. He's one of the Inertia's Senior Editors and lacks the perseverance to wr... Read more

  • Mike Harrelson


    Growing up in Hawai'i in the late 60s, Mike Harrelson was introduced to the haole-boy school of hard knocks and taught the tribal power of aloha. He then lived on the Outer Banks o... Read more

  • Emily Harrington


    Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager. Her early years were... Read more

  • Brandt Hart


    Brandt Hart is on his 25th trip around the sun and learning how to be a teacher at UNCW. After 2 years in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, complete with constant flooding, hurric... Read more

  • Andrew Hart


    Andrew Hart is a Seattle, Washington native who has spent most of his life neck deep in Cascade concrete. Hart graduated from the University of Washington before working with Larry... Read more

  • Mark Hartman

    Athlete Manager

    Mark Hartman is the founding Publisher/Editor of the Official ASP World Tour Guide (WSL) 1992-2002 and is a long time Publicist & Manager to celebrity Action Sports Athletes. C... Read more

  • Stanton Hartsfield


    Stanton Hartsfield and Jason Cohn have spent their entire lifetimes "Scavenging the past to preserve the future." A shared passion for collecting vintage skateboards from the 1950... Read more

  • Bryan Harvey

    Surfer / filmmaker / photographer

    Bryan Harvey is an established commercial and documentary director of photography. When Bryan is not shooting in some far-flung location, he can be found on his beloved Outer Bank... Read more

  • Mike Harvey


    Mike Harvey was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio skating with his friends during the week and fly fishing with his Dad on the weekends. A love of rivers and mountains brought Mike... Read more