• Ronald Hons


    When you are young, you're lucky to be able to find out what you are passionate about and develop it for the rest of your life. For Ronald, it took installing a random app three ye... Read more

  • Janni Hönscheid

    My name is Janni and I was born in 1990 on the Island of Sylt, Germany. With my whole family being surfers, I spent my childhood on the beach, swimming perfectly by the time I was ... Read more

  • Jim Hope

    Freelance Cameraman

    Jim Hope is a Television Freelancer/Cameraman and Surfer of 25 years.... Read more

  • Caitlin Hopkins

    Hailing from the waves of Congo, Australia, Caitlin is exploring the seven seas with her notebook and surfboard in tow.... Read more

  • Spence Hornby


    Spence has been shooting for about 10 years, but it's only been in the last six years or so that he began contributing to various surf publications and developed a cliental. He's n... Read more

  • Luke Horner

    I am a 20 year old photographer born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. I've been taking ocean related images for about 5 years. I am currently attending the University of Hawaiʻi ... Read more

  • Ben Horton

    Photographer, Professional Wanderer

    Ben Horton has based his career on Adventure. From thousands of feet underwater to the most remote regions in the arctic, his passion is using photography as a means to inspire pe... Read more

  • Craig Hoshide

    Longtime ASP/ISA Judge

    Craig Hoshide has worked as a judge for the ASP, ISA, Surfing America, NSSA, and HASA surf organizations. He was a Head Judge for the Hawaii Surfing Federation and NSSA on Kauai fr... Read more

  • Chris Hough

    Owner/CEO, The Surfboard Warehouse

    Chris Hough is the Founder and Owner/CEO of The Surfboard Warehouse. Online surf retail is all he’s ever known. The Surfboard Warehouse be... Read more

  • Nick Hounsfield

    Co-Founder & CEO The Wave & Wavescapes

    Co-Founder and CEO of The Wave, Nick and his team are delivering inland surfing destinations to the UK and beyond. His background in healthcare gave seed to a vision of using surfi... Read more