• Tiago Balsini

    Professional Chef / Surfer

    Tiago is a professional Chef, working on yachts and surfing on his days off. Living in Biarritz now, Tiago studied Medicinal Sciences in Brazil before moving to France.... Read more

  • Brendan Bank

    Brendan's passion for water and surf photography began simultaneously. At the famous Anchorpoint in Morocco he realized that if he wanted to take the pictures of his dreams, he wou... Read more

  • Shelli Bankier


    My photographic work of the vast ocean blue steps away from commercial surf photography. Growing up on a yacht and sailing around the world profoundly connected me with the sea, gi... Read more

  • Jacob Banks

    My name is Jacob Banks. I am an opinionated 20 year old surfer with a lot of angst and, well, opinions.... Read more

  • Cole Barash


    Cole Barash began his journey when he left his New England home at sixteen to document snow and surf culture in California. Self-taught and dedicated, Cole soon made a name for him... Read more

  • Kate Barattini


    Kate Barattini is a lively young woman from Charleston, SC. As an admirer of the animate yet slow-paced rural living, she highlights the souls of plant, human, and animal life with... Read more

  • Dustin Barca

    Environmental Activist

    Dustin Barca is a professional surfer, environmental activist, MMA fighter, father and Kaua’i Boy who attended Hanalei School and Kapaʻa High School.... Read more

  • Rachel Bardin


    Rachel Bardin has a passion for wave sliding, photography, filmmaking, and writing. She miraculously learned to surf in the Gulf of Mexico and currently lives in St. Augustine, F... Read more

  • Hig Bariet


    Hig was plucked from obscurity. He wishes he was a fish. But if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets. He dwells in the ocean and rides the sacred rhythms. He sees things. Sometim... Read more

  • Steve Barilotti

    SURFER Magazine Editor at Large

    Steve Barilotti is a veteran surf journalist and longtime Editor at Large at SURFER Magazine. Barilotti is also the writer and co-producer of the upcoming film, Minds In The Water,... Read more