• Mathieu Lodin


    Mathieu, 30, is a graphic designer & photographer in France for a surf brand, Hoalen. He lives in the Northwest France in Finistere where the wind is strong, the water is cold,... Read more

  • Thomas Lodin

    Photographer/Graphic Designer

    Born and raised in Nantes, northwest of France, cradled between the streets of the city and the beaches, Thomas Lodin discovered photography at the age of 14. Because of his involv... Read more

  • Daniel Lofaso

    Daniel Lofaso covers the WSL, local surf topics, surfing fitness and nutrition and is the tech nerd and co-founder of SwellSpy, a HD surf cam web... Read more

  • Byron Loker


    Byron Loker has been called by fellow South African surfer and man of letters Ben Trovato, "... a talented writer who will go far if he can just stop surfing and chasing women". ... Read more

  • Niklas Lollo


    Niklas Lollo is a roamer of the mind and the great outdoors. He is an avid bicycle tourer, with a trip down the Pacific Coast, across the whole of Europe, and various other spatter... Read more

  • Ryan E. Long


    Ryan is an author, lawyer, and loves longboarding like Spicoli – if he rode one. As a teenager, Ryan ran the streets with a cocaine cowboy in L.A. After Ryan reacquainted with hi... Read more

  • Carly Long


    Carly is currently working towards her B.A. in Public Relations/Journalism and Graphic Design at Monmouth University, New Jersey. She grew up as a city girl, but was lured to Monmo... Read more

  • Rusty Long


    Rusty Long is a big wave surfer, photographer, world traveler, writer and Ocean Minded brand ambassador. He’s had more than a taste of what this great Earth has to offer and hold... Read more

  • Matt Long

    Artist/Graphic Designer

    Currently, Matt is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for Bechtel Corporation. Matt has found great inspiration in the ocean, surfing, nature, music, healthy activiti... Read more

  • Scott Long

    Carve Bar Founder/ Surfer

    Scott is a surfer who loves the ocean and loves eating. He also happens to be the founder of Carve Bar, which is a whole food bar for surfers and extreme athletes. He's originally ... Read more