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Fishermen off the coast of Western Australia rescued a 10-12 foot Tiger shark in dramatic fashion after it was accidentally caught and hauled onto the beach.

According to reports, the shark was caught in Coral Bay, a small town about 750 miles from Perth. The rescue comes during a time when Western Australia considers culling large sharks, due to the recent increased amount of attacks.

The community cheered when the 900 pound shark was released.


  • Ahmed Adly

    When did Australia become this primitive? Killing sharks to avoid attacks?

    • Joe M

      I’ve been thinking the opposite. When did some people regress to the point of protecting fish at the expense of human life?

  • Indy

    The local government is thinking of hiring fishermen to kill sharks 3m and larger. Read this link.

    Here are local Fishermen saving a 3m shark. Seems to me that the government has not been thinking their idea through.

    My opinion is to save the sharks and educate people on how to share the ocean with them.

    Indy at http://www.80ProofDivers.com

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