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The Mad Huey’s are usually doing something kind of dumb. Hilarious, but dumb. They’re like surfing’s Jackass, but they  don’t hurt themselves as much. Recently, though, it was a little too close for comfort.

When Shaun Harrington and his twin brother Dean decided to go cage diving with sharks off Coolangatta for a Mad Huey’s video shoot, they couldn’t have expected it to go smoothly – they were using a bird cage.

After a tiger shark was caught by a professional fisherman, Harrington jumped in to get a closer look and a great shot. Of course, the shark reacted badly and lunged at him. Harrington used the cage to fend off the shark and frantically got back in the boat.

“I jumped into the water and was swimming with the cage and the next thing I knew, the bloody thing was coming at me,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “I was flailing around like crazy to get back on the boat before it sunk its teeth into me.”

  • dgtlfnk

    Your account of the events couldn’t be more inaccurate. The shark in no way “lunged at” him. And he certainly didn’t “fend off the shark with the cage”. Actually, it was Harrington’s goofing/flailing around that drew the shark’s attention in the first place. His splashing of the cage onto the surface of the water is what attracted the shark. Once the foam dissipated, the shark bumped into the cage (or the back of the boat) and immediately headed the opposite direction of Harrington.

    Harrington’s dumbass was purely lucky the shark was confused, and not actually on the attack.

    • iFlyLow

      Actually it could have been more inaccurate… he could have farted causing the shark to swim away in disgust

  • Tim Just

    How does this make the news?

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