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The Inertia

Surfers take a lot of unnecessary heat for doing what they love. The stereotypes of being unambitious, uneducated, pot smoking, beach bums that say gnarly and rad every second sentence isn’t a fair assessment.

We’ve all seen the blog posts on why you should or shouldn’t date a girl that travels. Using that as the baseline of our inspiration, I have collaborated with surfer girl Kim Kepich of New Jersey to bring you the 7 Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Surfs. Because these are the good stereotypes.

1. She is ambitious and always up for a challenge.

No matter what the situation or environment, it is the ambitious nature that keeps her motivated to strive for her goals and dreams. She knows what she wants and puts in some serious work to achieve them. No matter how many obstacles she faces, she will fight with every fiber of her being to give it her very best and rise to the challenges – bumps, bruises and all. Clingy and dependent? Not this girl.

2. She is easygoing and understanding.

She is used to planning her days around the unpredictability of the waves and tides. Like the ocean, she understands that life never goes as planned but is willing to wait out the storms, knowing that better and brighter days are ahead. However, don’t misinterpret her go-with-the-flow attitude as having no opinion because this surfer girl has no problem in speaking her mind.

3. She is not materialistic.

She doesn’t care for the expensive dinners, designer clothes and bags. She is quite comfortable with spending a night eating pizza and drinking beer with you on the couch. Frankly, she likely doesn’t care about your fancy car or watch and isn’t all that impressed with material things. If anything, she finds you more attractive when you’re in t-shirt and jeans/sweats and is much happier hanging out somewhere low key. If you’re looking for a high maintenance party girl, you should look the other way.

4. She is always up for travel. 

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Photo: Shutterstock

Whether it is accompanying you on a business trip or finding a holiday getaway, with absolute certainty, she will not raise a stink to get out of town no matter how last minute it is. She will happily find something to occupy her time when you’re in meetings, or research some cool activities for you both to do together. Her sense of adventure and open-mindedness to try something new will never leave you bored – away or at home.

5. She is into a healthy and fun lifestyle.

This girl appreciates a good party but has a good sense of balance. Not only does she know how to put a delicious and healthy meal together, but she will get you motivated to decompress from your busy work day. Whether it’s walking a few blocks to a new patio, bike riding along the boardwalk, or just sitting quietly watching the sunset.

6. She is confident in her own skin.

This mermaid does not require 2 hours to get prim and proper every single time she walks out the door. This down-to-earth girl refuses to fall victim to the eyelash extensions and layers of caked on makeup. Like any female, she will glam it up but it’s her confidence with a touch of make up that will make this sun-kissed beauty radiate.

7. She is a tough cookie.

Whether she is battling the negative stereotypes of being a surfer or fighting some serious currents to paddle past the break, there is no doubt that this girl is resilient. Even with her toughened skin from all that sun and salt water, this surfer girl also knows when to throw in the towel. Sun beaten or worn out, she isn’t ashamed to admit it because tomorrow is a new day to try it all over again.

  • wripples

    7 Reasons to Not Date a Girl Who “Surfs”

    1. You’re responsible for introducing a kook into the lineup. People will hate you for that, and rightly so.

    2. When you want to get away from her for a while, you can’t go surfing because she’ll tag along.

    3. Your block of wax disappears in half the usual time.

    4. You have to deal with everyone in the lineup constantly perving on her tits and arse every time you go surfing.

    5. Your zinc disappears in half the usual time.

    6. Her skin will be all leathery and gross as soon as she hits 30.

    7. You’ll have to watch women’s surfing with her and smother your laughter so you don’t end up in the doghouse.

    • Bampster

      Spot on!
      I now…been there… done that!
      The girls that cold actually surf were lacking in … how should I say…. looks!
      The girls who were simply “eye candy” were to torment and distract my friends were “hot” but “kooks” just the same!

      • Martine Fox

        Because being pretty on the surf board is really important…hmmm

        • wripples

          Being pretty is a talent.

        • Bampster

          Why yes it is! I’ve been known to give a free wave to a “hottie” occasionally even knowing she was most likely going to waste the ride! But she was hot!

      • Sonia Haha

        Ah well you can’t be too polite either or the hottie will never get an understanding of the rules!

        Although I have to say it is great to have dudes be nice and give you waves, I like a good challenge better and I’d rather have to fight and paddle harder for a wave.

        I owe the aussie wave pigs a lot more for dropping in on me when I was a kook (double standard here too by the way: dropping in when the same dudes complain of being dropped in) than the nice french gentlemen who give away all the waves.

    • Travelling Chingrita

      Glad for you both to share your opinions, but of course, I’m going to put in my rebuttals to your arguments as well.

      1. Sure perhaps, having a “kook” may be annoying but like any other female pretty sure her threshold for pain is higher and that her motivation to be as good or better than “the boys” will be a natural driving force;

      2. Sweetie. If you need to “escape” and find her a nuisance; that’s a problem with your relationship not a surfer girl. We do our own thing, we don’t need you to keep us entertained all day long..Most of us prefer our independence – if we wanted needy and clingy, I’d buy a puppy.

      3. Why would we use yours, when we have our own?

      4. Insecure and jealous much? She’s with you, so you should be proud of your woman.

      5. You sure about that? Pretty sure that we know how to treat and protect our skin. We love the sun, but we aren’t stupid; pretty sure that you’re using our hydration face masks and homemade avocado masks when we aren’t looking – just saying 😉

      6. See above.

      7. I love the word “have to” – don’t wanna watch? Go surf and leave the house..geez what kinda clingers do you date?

      This was written because females get a lot of flack from guys across the world that they aren’t good enough, or shouldn’t be out there? Proves the point that surfer girls push through and go after what they want despite criticism, hurdles and challenges…

      By all means, if you want to dish out cash for a Chanel bag vs. board bag, Park Hyatt vs. Surf Shack/Hostel or All-inclusive boring vacay vs. surf-cation… knock your silly socks off 😉 Pretty sure you won’t have any cash left for your own wax and will be dating a surfer girl to get a piece of hers 🙂 xo

      • Bob Cooney

        Awesome rebuttal!

      • Martine Fox

        I love you 🙂

      • wripples

        1. Maybe 1 in every 50 girl surfers isn’t a total kook. Maybe.

        2. Every man needs a moment of solitude every now and then. It’s normal. It’s not a “problem with your relationship” to want to do that. Your apparent inability to understand that is actually the definition of “clingy”.

        3. Good. Keep it that way.

        4. You don’t know what the words “insecure” or “jealous” mean. Not being overjoyed that 30 random dudes are getting off over staring at your girl’s butt for hours on end is not indicative of either.

        5. Show me a girl that’s been surfing for 15+ years, and I’ll show you some leather. That’s just reality. Also, I admit to stealing the occasional pore strip. Those things are just fun.

        6. Good. Keep it that way.

        7. Nobody watches the women’s tour events unless they’re girl surfers or the boyfriend’s of girl surfers (being supportive), because they’re even more boring than the men’s.

        My comment was written to illuminate the lack of substance in the original “article”, which could be more accurately described as a clickbait trash buzzfeed-style list than a legitimate piece of writing.

        It’s also worth noting that this particular clickbait trash buzzfeed-style list had tumbleweeds blowing through it before I made my comment. You’re welcome, Alexandra Lam. xo

        • Michaela Partin

          I am a girl. I I like to surf. It doesn’t matter to me if you think I deserve to be out there because I will still continue to be out there. Wether you find me attractive or like an “old leather bag” doesn’t matter to me either, because while you do stare at my ass, I’m busy using the distraction to get on your inside and take that left hand bowl you’re missing out on.
          We’re not all kooks, although a big handful of us are. Men are not all dogs, although a big handful of you are. We tolerate you, learn to do the same.

          • Sonia Haha

            I reckon that’s the most attention that Wripples dude has had from ladies for a very long while 😀

          • wripples

            Pfft! Dumb people sure do get offended easily. Everything I said is the truth. The only people having a problem with it are barely literate, irrational, and unable to coherently articulate the reasons why they’re offended.

            “This guy doesn’t think girls are good surfers!!! I’m outraged!!! He must not be getting much sex! Yeah, that’s it. I figured it out. I feel better now. I’m not an idiot and not a kook.”

            Do you see how moronic it is to draw a conclusion like that based on the information you have? If not, evidently you’re a very unintelligent person.

            If you’re offended by the truth, you’ll end up surrounding yourself with liars and cowards, aka “yes men”, which is just about as superficial and pathetic as you can possibly get.

          • Sonia Haha

            Not exactly offended bud. I found your comments rather funny in fact. As to my reaction, what cam I say most women I know are not into arrogant pricks. And your truth is not mine. I’m sure you’re super fond of yourself but be open to other people’s opinion 😉
            Good day

          • wripples

            “As to my reaction, what cam I say most women I know are not into arrogant pricks.”

            That’s perfect, because I have zero interest in most of the women that somebody like you knows. It’s also pretty revealing that you think anybody who disagrees with your ridiculous opinion is arrogant.

            “ open to other people’s opinion ;)”



          • Sonia Haha

            We could spend all day verbally shooting at eachother. That’s not a very good use of anyone’s day. I’ll just wish you a good one. Enjoy your surf. With or without ladies 🙂

          • wripples

            Becoming aware that you are not practicing what you’re preaching is not a waste of time, Sonia.

            It’s actually very sad that you seem to be completely incapable of realising that.

            In only 5 comments, you’ve well and truly established yourself as an illogical hypocrite. You’re pretending to have virtues or beliefs that you don’t possess. Anyone with half a brain who reads the text can see that.

            You can reject the truth again, but all you’re doing is re-enforcing the pre-existing willful ignorance that you’re clinging to, and that will only be to your detriment.

        • cbells

          1. Girls are so discouraged from surfing their entire lives that, yes, a higher percentage are beginners. There is no biological reasons why women are not as good at surfing as men are, which means it is a social problem. And it sounds like you are a huge part of the problem.

          2. Every woman needs solitude as well. There is no biological difference between the male and female brain that would make one gender prefer solitude or company over the other. That is an individual preference.

          5. Men get just as much skin damage. An ex boyfriend of mine who had surfed professionally had more age spots on his 28-year-old face than my 70-year-old father has.

          • wripples

            1. “There is no biological reasons why women are not as good at surfing as men are…”


            2. Irrelevant.

            3. Irrelevant.

      • Sonia Haha

        While reading Wripples’ comments, that’s exactly what I thought. He seems to be frustrated. Bummer. Take responsibility and find another girl of its so much trouble 😉

        My man is sure happy I surf. I definitely looked like a kook at first, but since I’m not self conscious and neither is he, we don’t give a damn. In fact we equally joke about our wipeouts and we’ve both been in some epic conditions 🙂
        Enjoy your weekend!

    • Sammie jane

      1. You assume she’s a kook, whereas she may be better than you…worried much? I think so, as if you’re worried about being hated for introducing a kook to the line up you must be pretty insecure dude! 😂
      2. She’ll probably be off doing her own thing if the relationship is that bad…maybe forever.
      3. Stop pinching her wax then!
      4. Jealousy and insecurity is a relationship buster…therapy?
      5. See 3.
      6. Not if you don’t keep pinching her zinc. How’s your sunskissed face these days?
      7. You should probably be in the dog house already. The dog can stay in door with the surfer babe. Sounds like the dog would be much better company.

      Mwahhhhh xxxx

      • wripples

        1. I regularly surf with a bunch of girls and they’re some of my favourite people in the lineup. I actually really enjoy surfing with them. But none of them are even close to even approaching being better than me. So, to answer your question, nah, I’m not worried much. In 20+ years, I’ve surfed with 2 girls that were better than me at some aspects of surfing. One of them is sponsored by firewire and the other one is Steph Gilmore. Freaks of nature.

        2, 3, 4, 5. Not even worthy of a response.

        6. I’m stunning.

        7. I might be a dog, but at least I’m a good dog.

        kisskisshughug xx

    • Emma

      Feel free to date a dude whenever you want, sounds like you haven’t gotten some in a while and guys are great, I promise.

      • wripples

        Good one! You go gurl!

    • Archibald Lancaster

      I don’t know how anyone can argue with this guy-at the breaks I surf, the fellas try to support girls coming out and in doing so tolerate general kook-like behaviour ie dropping in on people, letting waves go CONSTANTLY, etc etc that would never fly with another dude. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the double standard is pretty ironic and I know I’m not the only one who gets resentful watching wave after wave go by when I’m trying to be polite and give the girls some space.

    • Cath

      Wripples, sad it seems you are really self centered and see yourself better because of your gender?! Believe the gender does not automate behavior. Wake up!

  • Moggs

    love it.

  • wripples

    Brilliant comment. Well thought out, articulate, insightful, thought provoking. It’s got it all. Thanks for making such a valuable contribution to the discussion. Keep up the great work!

    • cbells

      You just responded to me with the words “LOL!” and “irrelevant.”

      Now you’re calling someone out for having a non-thought-provoking response. However, I think Charlie13’s comment is a lot more thoughtful than any of yours have been.

      • wripples

        “LOL!” is a perfectly valid response to a claim that’s as laughably stupid and wrong as, “There is no biological reasons why women are not as good at surfing as men are, which means it is a social problem.”

        If you honestly believe that, then you’re literally too stupid, uninformed or delusional to be attempting to participate in this conversation.

        “Irrelevant” is also a perfectly valid response to somebody who’s making irrelevant claims.

        “I think Charlie13’s comment is a lot more thoughtful than any of yours have been.” That’s because you’re quite clearly a fucking idiot. It doesn’t really matter what you think.

        • Mike_d35

          Ha, I just spent 10 minites reading and it sounds to me like Wripples prob watches a lot of porn and has way too much extra time lack of confidence to actually have a girlfriend who does or does not surf, intelligent or not, and this is all the time I’m spending on reading ridiculous reasons to not date a girl who surfs, I thinks it’s an absolutely wonderful idea!

          • wripples

            Thanks for that, Mikey. The opinions of illiterate, pretend internet psychologists are always welcome here at the inertia.

  • wripples

    “I have a PhD in Sociology…”

    When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.

    “I am personally not an avid surfer…”

    Another non-surfer with an opinion on surfing.

    “Why are women biologically different from men in terms of the body parts used for surfing?”

    In a word, testosterone. Testosterone increases athletic performance. It influences explosive power, timing, coordination and endurance. That’s why it’s incredibly stupid to believe that “There is no biological reasons why women are not as good at surfing as men are…”. Do you understand that? You’re rejecting hundreds of years of proven, peer reviewed physiological and medical science. It’s deeply concerning that somebody gave someone like you a PhD.

    “Everything I’m saying is true.”

    No, it quite clearly isn’t. In order to reach the conclusion that you have come to, “There is no biological reasons why women are not as good at surfing as men are, which means it is a social problem”, you’ve had to pretend that some very basic and fundamental aspects of human physiology simply do not exist. Any rational, reasonable person should be able to see that is some deeply flawed logical reasoning. You’re making shit up to support a flawed agenda.

    If you’re not aware that’s what you’re doing, that makes you an idiot.

    If you are aware that’s what you’re doing, that makes you a liar, a fraud, a bad scientist and a shitty person.

    • cbells

      Women have testosterone you fucking idiot.

      • wripples

        Men have significantly more, you retarded fake scientist.

  • theKook

    Honolulu Bay Women’s contest was the best of last season, men or women. my wife and I enjoyed every wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte Appleby

    ROFL. The comments here are more entertaining than the original article. Poor old wripples got owned so badly, he’ll just have to retreat with his tail between his legs!

    • wripples

      “The comments here are more entertaining than the original article.”

      I agree. But, considering the quality of the article, that was inevitable.

      “Poor old wripples got owned so badly…”

      I disagree. A handful of idiots getting their panties in a bunch and failing to make even one legitimate counter-point does not equate to me getting owned. Nobody even came close.

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