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With the current swell pounding California’s coast, Rincon finally awoke from her slumber.┬áNorthern California all the way down to San Diego has seen pumping waves lately and the Queen of the Coast has been no different.

Despite overcast conditions, it looked as good as ever this day and some big local names made sure nothing even halfway decent went unsurfed. Dane Reynolds, Connor Coffin and more were on hand to tear apart the quintessentially Queen conditions.

David Levin, with his drone, was on-site to capture the session making sure not one angle was spared. With modern technology, there seems to be no angle photographers and videographers can’t capture.

  • IrwinFFletcher

    Absolutely kick-ass.

  • Brad Thompson

    rincon: the queen of the coast.

    seeing this video is like catching a fleeting glimpse of a foregone lover.

    in the fall of 2000, i moved to santa barbara to study medicine and to surf this spot as much as possible. i lived a mile away and surfed here every day i could for 5 years. all conditions. i was into it. i didn’t care.

    glassy, junky, or offshore. waist-high corner burgers. double-overhead brown-water cove tubes. summertime south-swell lefts. head-high slot peelers on the cobblestones. and of course the rare 27 second days – the ones that broke out back of the indicator, squared off and drained across the creek mouth, connected all the way through the cove, and then left you pinned against the freeway rocks at la conchita.

    most of the time, i was totally smitten with the queen of the coast. like a full on junior-high crush. always sprinting back up the point on my tip-toes. grinning devilishly. like i’d just gotten laid for the first time.

    i loved surfing rincon. and truth be told, i was an honorable lover. i rarely cheated. (and when i did, it was usually just malibu – which is kinda not really cheating. different area codes and all… just minor summertime flings.)

    anyway, the queen of the coast was not a faithful partner at all. she was no such thing…

    she was a tempestuous and flighty catch. foggy, flat, and fly-by-night.

    she could hide away for weeks at a time. even disappearing for entire summers. (ring. ring. hello, malibu?) and then when she’d return in the fall, she’d arrive with such fanfare…

    celebrity slut as she was, i’d have to share her with so many people. hundreds of pros, joes, kooks, donkeys, and dinosaurs. shoulder to shoulder. all dog-piled and frothing. from the kiddie pool to the top of the point, and around the corner to the closed out beach break. all scratching, screaming, and snaking for the chance of a set wave.

    so much sharing…

    (why couldn’t i just fall for tarantula’s? or naples?)

    i committed so many days to the queen of the coast, but i never had her to myself…


    anyway, she taught me all she could about glide. and for that i’m forever grateful. now, we don’t see each often enough. and all i have left is saudade and a pterygium – a biting twinge in my left eye that accompanies the pain and longing of having loved out of my league and too far from home…

    i moved back to WA in 2005, so it’s been 8 years of long-distance-longing with only occasional rendezvous’ and hook ups. to be honest, most of the magic is still there. and she usually comes through for my december birthday. i don’t understand why. i suppose she’s just good like that.

    but alas, i’ve truly moved on. i’ve rekindled and committed with her moody and secreted sisters and cousins in the NW – cold, kelpy, and unforgiving as they are. no queen’s of the coast here. only roughshod and silty commoners. but they’re hearty and spirited. and they punch a helluva lot harder. and at the end of the day, that’s plenty for me. cause after seeing dane reynolds and conner coffin surf in this video – i gotta accept that i’m just a commoner as well…

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