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According to Minivan News, on Monday, July 28, security services evacuated 34 tourist (30 Israeli tourists as well as four of other nationalities) following an incident that reflected the increasing unrest and tensions on Kaafu Thulsdhoo Island. The report claims that an Israeli surfer destroyed an anti-Israel placard, one depicting a swastika with an equal sign to the nation’s flag. The evacuees agreed to be escorted off the island after police intelligence revealed a large group of protesters were headed to the residence to call for the guests’ removal.

The incident apparently occurred outside of the Batuta Maldives Surf View Managing Director ‘s guest house, where the placard was nailed into a palm tree. The Israeli surfer broke off the sign before snapping it in two.

As conflict between Israel and Palestinians continues to ravage the Middle East, an anti-Israeli sentiment has become common in the Maldives. Earlier this month, an estimated 13,000 Maldivians joined the region’s Palestinians in a show of solidarity, marching through the capital Malé. Maldivians have also donated over $130,000 USD to the Gaza Fund.

Read the full story by Daniel Bosley on Minivan News.

  • Jacob

    Wonder why?
    “Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution” Beware the Muslim nations.

    Plus remember the irony of the Maldives being the most threatened place on earth to be swallowed up by the ocean as global warming. Jews will be swimming in the Mediteranean when the Maldives are no more.

    • zoiperry

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    • Mauricio Massa

      the israhelli slaughter of Palestinians have nothing to do with Hitler, or Jews, and only with genocide, and land with natural gas squatting. Zionists don’t believe in God, therefore they can not be Jews. They are just a bunch of merciless thugs stealing the Palestinians, and rapping their women.

      • bob

        First of all, it’s “Israeli”. Second of all, check your facts. The Israeli soldiers aren’t raping the palestinian women, Hamas takes care of that all on their own. Thirdly, Of course Zionists believe in God. What sort of idiotic statement is that? Allah, God…. whatever you want to call it, THE SAME THING.

        • Mauricio Massa

          So what God told you to disrespect the Jewish commandment that says: “YOU SHALL NOT STEAL”……. NO ZIONIST GANGSTER TERRORIST, AND LAND SQUATTER CAN BE A JEW. CRIMINALS ARE NOT JEWS.

      • surferpl

        Zionists don’t believe in G-d? Wow, am *I* misinformed. I thought I was Jewish and believed in G-d, even though I love all animals, donate to charity every month (including Doctors Without Borders which tends to Arab Muslims inside Gaza), do not strap bombs to my own children and send them out to explode themselves up — and “rap” other women. (I’m not so good at “rapping” but I can sing pretty well.
        And by the way, Mr. Brazilian who probably should stay away from the United States — and that includes the 50th one, Hawai’i — Israeli soldiers include women, 50% of the population who are allowed to drive, vote, serve in the government and kick your worthless ass.

        • Mauricio Massa

          Yes, I understand you are ALL we ANGRY, and violent people your WAR against the world keeps you ALL UNITED… please let me live… I am just a sheep.

          One thing is for sure, if you are in fact a Jew, you are a very bad one… you fully disrespect the Jewish bible where is says: “YOU SHALL NOT STEAL”, specially land from your Muslim brothers.

          • surferpl

            I am an American you Brazilian troll. You are so amazingly ignorant and have the chutzpah to quote the “Jewish Bible” to me? Moron. That’s one of the 10 Commandments which is at the heart of Christianity too — especially Catholicism. So I take it you’re either a Muslim (fair enough) or an atheist (fair enough). But being a sheep isn’t fair enough. That means you just follow along bleating after other people. By the way, Israel is a sovereign nation and was made so in 1948 — whether you like it or not. You ignorant putz.

          • Mauricio Massa

            Which certainly does not mean you are allowed to slaughter, and steal your neighbors. YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

          • surferpl

            If you’re going to comment on this site in English, then learn enough of it to make your point. Mr. Massa, Hamas began the assault on Israel with rockets and Israel shouldn’t be blamed because they’re better at protecting themselves, better at defense, better at shoving Hamas’ rockets up their asses, and better than everything than Hamas is. If a country is attacked they have every right to defend themselves. If that same country is *continually* attacked, they have every right to try and obliterate that country. I don’t know what you mean by “steal your neighbors,” but in 1967 Israel had causus belli for war. They went to war against the UAR and beat three Arab countries — one against three and in the process gained the Sinai, the Gaza strip and Jerusalem. To the victor belong the spoils. Ever heard of that? It’s kind of like what PORTUGAL DID WHEN THEY TOOK BRAZIL!! Now, go away and never come to the United States — especially Hawai’i to surf you ignorant troll.

          • Mauricio Massa

            The road to hell is paved by good intentions, and excuses.


          • surferpl

            Hey, I agree. No excuses, but history is history — whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

          • Mauricio Massa


          • surferpl

            OK, we’ve discoursed. You’ve had your say. As I said, I’m an American — not Israeli. I have not committed any genocide. I am Jewish; I do believe in G-d — and the law. Disagree with me, yes. But don’t for a minute think you see all the sides here. Sincerely, Mauricio, I DO wish you, as I wish everyone, PEACE. What else is there. Be safe. I’m out.

          • Mauricio Massa

            Then don’t support genocide… there is ALWAYS a better way. Second guess your leaders, they are not your friends…

          • srfmstr

            OK, stop thinking with your heart and read this. For any one clinging to the vapid notion of the moral authority of Hamas, check out the Journal of Palestinian Studies, Summer 2012, published a good two years prior to the recent confilict, ( btw JPS is a pro Palestinian publication that mimics, not emulates, western academic journals) In this issue, Hamas authorities freely admit that over 150 Gazan children died in tunnel construction. How is that for an enlightened civilization?

          • Mauricio Massa

            Yeah… why not killed them, and squat their land for that?

            Specially when it comes with natural gas.

          • srfmstr


          • srfmstr

            Mr. Surferpl called you a putz instead of a schmuck, a far greater insult. You must be really stupid for him to do that.

  • Eyal Boutboul

    lets get some facts straight
    By the name of Islam so many “great things” going on in the world..
    even in the Maldives, women are being treat like shit and corruption is raising


  • Darren

    Here’s another fact….if you’ve ever been to the Maldives and been dropped in on repeatedly by a group of aggressive, arrogant Isreali’s terrorising the line up at Chickens and Cokes, not having a clue what they’re doing eg leggy’s on the front foot, wearing a rashy and boardies over the top of a springy, hassling girls and kids for waves on the small days, yelling and wanting to fight people when their surfing level is the lowest in the water….then maybe you’d think that 34 of them getting escorted out would be a good thing……peace to all by the way 🙂

  • D. M. Warshevsky

    that little nothing of a country, who cares what they think. Let them eat pork. Time to boycott those sandflies.

  • TA Sayers

    We all live on an island called planet earth, why the hell would you want to suppress your neighbor unless you wanted them gone. ‘Give respect to gain respect’ a fundamental of surfing and life in general, Jewish and the western idealism have forgotten this. there is belief that they have a right over all on this planet. so there is obviously issues and grievances that have not been addressed by the world as a whole, as such this will become common place, and remember this is not the first time it has happened and will like not be the last time.

  • Mauricio Massa


  • BobTheTerror

    From what I understand, and I may well be wrong, the Hamas death cultists are hiding their military installations among the civilian population and then preventing those civilians from evacuating when the Israelis warn of an imminent attack to disable the installations. If true this means as well as being the aggressors and breaking several recent ceasefires, the Hamas death cultists are using civilian shields to protect their war machinery and the deaths of civilians to fuel their propaganda machine.

    By all means, we should be empathetic towards the innocent civilians caught up in an abhorrent situation but to condemn the Israeli response to neighboring aggression without assigning an appropriate portion of blame to Hamas is ridiculous. Seems to me Israel has as much claim and right to exist in the middle east as any of the Islamic nations.

  • Ruven Reshef

    this is not a conflict between israel and palestinians.
    actualy there is not a nation or a state in the past called “palestine”, no palestines lands, “palestinians” is a fiction and if any one wants, i can explain how/when/why they been invented.
    the conflict is between israel and an idea! israel faights against people that want to prove that a democratic nation can’t deal with terror.
    the terrorists sees the war against israel as a pilot!
    they want to win israel and after that “spred the news” all over the world…
    israel has a powerful army and easily can burn all gaza in one day… you know well why we don’t do this, because we umans!!! we will win this war trying to minimise hurting inocents people, israel “paying in blood” to be uman.

    the one who placed this placard is an idiot and a cowerd!
    the maldive’s police did the right thing according this case, but now the goverment of the maldives must activate the right way, don’t let the idiot probocator to win.

    terror tunels, suicied bombers, rockets pointed to sivilians, education for being shaid… is this the real islam? i know that is not!!! 5 times i visited the maldives and herd my friends there saying “this is not islam” according the arab/islamic terror activities, how can anyone support this? i don’t understand.

    the maldives located in asia and we all know what happen now in the center of asia, the muslems fundamentals activate there “the best they know”… doe’s the maldivians want to be the next?
    if no, better for them to support israel who fight against the same.

    surfing is about to enjoy, share and respect.
    respect the nature, respect the other, respect live.
    the terror and the terror suporters are the oposite!!!
    me as my country will do every thing we can to not let they win, i hope surfers all over the world will join us, not the terrorists.

  • dcra

    I saw a bunch of Israeli’s get run out of town in Sri Lanka a couple years ago. Not because they were Jewish or Israeli…but because they had been acting like they owned the place for a couple weeks and tried to get heavy with locals. Same thing here?

  • Johnny Bee

    The Inertia, any moderator in there please? Some of these comments have clearly crossed the lines, on both sides. Every single person on earth has an opinion about the events in Gaza, but can’t we just argue about it without hatred? Because this is what has made Gaza the place it is today. Thank you.

  • Drunken Angel

    ffs, the comments in this thread evidence that this is pretty far from a site for thinking surfers. does anyone here actually know the historical context of this very long conflict and not simply conspiracies and reactionary opinions based upon mainstream USA media? Sigh.

  • Darren

    Yes you are right Shachar, I am a hater…brown, black, yellow, male, female, gay, straight, Jew, Arab, Aussie, Yank, doesn’t matter where you are from, if you are being a dickhead in the water, then I don’t like you. Thanks for the words of encouragement though, for shitting in my eyes I mean. This is a surfing forum, not Bomb Throwers Weekly. I’m going for a surf….Peace to all, (even you Shachar) 🙂

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