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Carissa Moore World Champion Roxy Pro

Today, eighteen-year-old Carissa Moore became the youngest ASP Women's World Surfing Champion at the Roxy Pro in Biarritz after making appearances in six consecutive finals. Photo: ASP/Bonnarme

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Today, eighteen-year-old Carissa Moore became the youngest ASP Women’s World Champion at the Roxy Pro in Biarritz after making appearances in six consecutive finals. Her title is the first won by a Hawaiian woman since Margo Oberg’s in 1981.

The event not only put to bed a year-long rivalry between Carissa Moore and Sally Fitzgibbons (until 2012), it also marked the return of Steph Gilmore. Gilmore defeated Carissa Moore in the finals, winning her first event of 2011 – since she was attacked outside her apartment in December, which broke her wrist and shook her confidence.

“I was struggling to come to terms with not having that complete self-confidence,” she told ESPN. “It lingered for the first four events…And yeah, my injury will have a little more emotional scarring to get over, but sweet is never as sweet without some sour.”

“It feels good to beat her and she has definitely raised the bar for all the girls this year,” said Gilmore, who edged Moore 17.27 to 15.5 in the final. “She is definitely the strongest of everyone this whole year and she has been in every single final, and that is a new record. To beat the freshly crowned world champ is pretty cool.”

“It’s been a fantastic year, I’ve enjoyed the highs and lows, but it’s a bit devastating to lose the world title,” Fitzgibbons said.

“It feels amazing to make all these finals and win the title,” Moore said. “I have been thinking about this for a long time since I was a little girl. Just to be here right now and being world champ is pretty crazy, and Roxy put-up a great event. I dreamed of surfing at this level my whole life since I was a little kid and I don’t think you can ever expect or anticipate the feeling.”


The 2011 ASP Women's World champion Carissa Moore (Oahu, HAW) checking with dad and team member after clinching her maiden ASP Women's World title

Carissa Moore and her dad Chris Moore: mission accomplished. Photo: ASP/Bonnarme

The ASP Women’s World Tour heads to Huntington Beach on August 1, 2011 for the final event of the year.

1 –
Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 17.27
2 – Carissa Moore (HAW) 15.50

SF 1:
Carissa Moore (HAW) 15.27 def. Pauline Ado (FRA) 9.67
SF 2: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 15.30 def. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS)

  • Al Baydough

    I’m genuinely stoked for her win. She truly deserves it.
    I’m super bummed that none of her main sponsors are surf companies. This is a very negative trend that will bode very ill for the majority of surfers who do it for the fun and who live the lifestyle because they love it, not because they get paid to.Tragedy that the new breed is proving that making more money than is needed is of more importance than maintaining the integrity (or what little remains) of the sport by sticking with the companies that built it.
    When the crowds become so bloated at every single spot that not even Carissa or Kolohe can get a wave will we realize that money is not the path to glory in the act most of us came to out of passion, not pay.
    But I suspect that when that happens Nike and Target will lobby the government for ownership of surf spots.That’ll be interesting.

    • Jared

      I disagree that her choice of sponsorship is a negative influence or that she owes anything to “surf companies.” She deserves sponsors who will support her the way she needs to be supported – if she felt that she could get that with surf co’s, well, she wouldn’t have made the switch. As for surf brands conducting themselves with integrity….that has to be a joke, right? No need to point out the irony there.

      • Al Baydough

        A) She was formerly sponsored by Quik/Roxy, NOT Billabong (hope you don’t get paid to do research). She would have been just fine financially. And Nike only intervenes in the personal problems of their stars when the public outcry gets loud enough. You’re not very savvy. 

        B) When WalMart owns all the pros and spots you’ll be singing very different tunes.
        C) You really haven’t been paying attention to the myriad causes of the current economic issues facing this nation and world. It’s been building for decades due precisely to the kind of mentalities you two display. Ignorance is bliss… until it isn’t. But keep buying from the phonies, it’s a pretty American thing to do these days and clearly popular with the masses. D) Nike, Target, and their ilk only got on the bandwagon when the numbers looked good to their bean counters. They weren’t there in the beginning and their commitment is only as genuine as a pyrite wedding ring.BTW, the irony of the statement was never extant, Jared. The admission/disclaimer was added for the purpose of making that point clear. Your sense of irony could use some work. 

        • Jared

          Man, you really cleared things up for me. Thanks, Al. I would much rather place America’s economic future into the hands of Quiksilver than a multinational conglomerate like Nike. They, and and RipaBong and the rest of the surf industry’s derelicts have proven much more capable handlers of cash. Have you seen their stocks lately? And they’ve got integrity! And they’re smart! They did the freakin ‘QS for cryiin’ out loud.

          Such a shame that Carissa Moore, probably the most inspiring and articulate female surfer to ever come along, isn’t representing them. I mean Shaun White would never do something like that, right?

          • Al Baydough

            You obviously don’t know much about Nike and the atrocious behavior of multinational conglomerates.

            The US is in deep doo-doo. 80% service economy. Adam Smith is rolling in his grave. All thanks to people who think exactly as you do.
            You’ll see, but by then it will be too late and some punk riding Chinese pop-outs, sponsored by Reebok, WalMart, and the latest artery exploding energy addiction paddles up and issues you a citation for illegally surfing Brookhurst St. without a permit (that you have to have approved by a “government” agency created by “surfing” lobbyists on the multinational conglomerate dole).And if you think Moore, as sweet as she may be, is the most “articulate female surfer to ever come along” you really don’t know your female surfers. BTW, White doesn’t have to paddle out. 

          • Jared

            That scenario is basically here, and it has nothing to do with Costco or Bud Light or Red Bull or Target, etc… being involved in surfing. Nothing at all. Basically, I don’t understand why you have such great confidence in surf industry management. I certainly am not willing to give them more credit than CFOs at Nike/Target/Red Bull/etc…they haven’t demonstrated any reason why we should.

            And attempting to knock Moore down a peg achieves nothing. Let me know how the exercise of finding 18-year-old versions of female surfers who achieve at her level while carrying themselves so professionally goes. I’m sure it will be useful.

          • Al Baydough

            Consent: nothing in the US more cheaply manufactured and willingly lapped up. Good dogs.

          • Reality Check

            Like a dog returning to his vomit you avoid my question.

            You’re a pawn being played like the rest of the blind sheep serving the Surf Industrial Complex.

          • Al Baydough

            Like most surfers the bigger picture completely eludes you. 

            Learn to ask genuinely intelligent questions that don’t make gross assumptions about what I know about the surf industry (and multinationals) and I’ll answer. I grew up on Oahu, Kreskin. Had you paid any attention to what I wrote in the original post you would not have asked that inane question to begin with.And judging from how poorly you researched Carissa’s former sponsorship history I’d say you have even less of a clue about the multinational machinery that cares much less about surfing than the relatively far more innocuous issues that plague the real surf industry.It’s always the outsiders who think they know the show; the people who do the least amount of research who think they know all the answers. Rookies.BTW, this makes absolutely no sense: “Like a dog returning to his vomit you avoid my question.”You’re out of your depth. Still surfing Rubber Duckies, eh?

          • Reality Check

            So why don’t you answer my question? Like a toddler in a sandbox, you blather on and on about how intelligent you are and how much you know, yet you don’t answer the question. Would YOU send YOUR kids to the spono houses on the North Shore in winter? Have YOU seen marketing managers of the surf companies passing out drugs and alcohol to minors in front of their top shelf atheletes? Have YOU been on the boat trips with the photogs and journos that turn the other cheek when their stars are reeking from nearly lethal levels of alcohol and drugs?

            You sound like an inbred member of the Industry. Deaf, dumb and blind.

            Another cog in their machine.


            It’s all coming crashing down around you.

            Don’t flea from The Truth.

            Let it set you free.

          • Al Baydough

            Everything you outlined about the corrupting elements in the surf industry exists in virtually every major sporting industry, often to a far greater degree.

            Trading a lesser evil for a greater one isn’t exactly logical thinking.

            Do you always think in clichés?

          • Reality Check

            They don’t exist in the larger corps like Nike anymore because the mainstream media is all over everything they do. There is no such thing in the surfing world. Mainstream media could care less about a fringe sport, and the surf media is made up of ex pros, hangers on, and a general propaganda machine with no accountability. When have you heard of Nike team managers buying and giving illegal drugs to high school prospects? ESPN would be all over that. Read Endo’s piece on AI. The article on Outside mag. The big corps are not blameless, and their involvement with exploitation etc needs to be confronted. But the DIRECT involvement of surf corpos in the corruption of our youth is abominable.

            The lesser of two evils is VERY LOGICAL when you’re making the decision about your own family.

          • Al Baydough

            You’re high.

            Nike’s list of abuses, both in humanitarian and ecological terms, makes the surf industry look like they’re pissing in a sandbox.
            You really don’t have a solid grasp of this rather large and convoluted issue.

            When Tiger started banging his first porn star do you really think his Nike handlers jumped on his ass to straighten out or get out? Do you really think none of them knew before the whistle blew?

            And you’re even more high if you think they wouldn’t hesitate to provide youths with perks, like they did willy-nilly back in the day before s**t went bad and the jig was up.

            Compared to the world of corporate sin, the surf industry is amateur hour on the world stage next to – actually, far beneath – Nike.

            You keep using a “two rights make a wrong” approach to this dialogue. Peculiar.

          • Al Baydough

            Oops. Apparently it was my turn to make no sense. I meant “two wrongs make a right.”

            BTW, I’m still very happy for her win.

          • Blasphemy Rottmouth

            I know a place where even you, Al Baydough, would drown…

          • Al Baydough

            There are plenty of them. Hell, on a bad day after a three week Vegas bender I’d probably drown at RD’s, too.

          • Reality Check


            You never answered my question about the “Surf Corpo” houses on the North Shore in the winter. Would you send your kids there? Do you realize how many of the managers for these “surf corpos” are actively involved with illegal activities that have helped perpetuate the widely known but little discussed narcotics problems on the North Shore?

            Nike and the Big Boys aren’t saints. But when was the last time you heard about one of their top shelf products dying alone in a hotel room from a drug overdose? Especially after they floated the bogus shit-for-brains idea of Dengue fever.

            The surf corpos are run by surfers. Not exactly geniuses, Al.

            Again, Carissa was underage when she signed with Nike. Perhaps her father knows a little of what goes on during these “boat trips” to Indo and “sponsor houses” with team managers / chaperones from the surf Corpos. Perhaps he chose the LESSER of two evils for HIS daughter.

    • Reality Check

      Yeah, shame she couldn’t have stuck with Billabong. They managed AI to a tee and are a great example for all kids to follow.

      Al, you ever been to a North Show “Surf Corpo” house in winter?

      Doubt you’d let your kids near it.

    • Stu

      I don’t care about her sponsors – whether historical brands or newcomers, they’re all out for the same thing at the end of the day.  What bothers me about Carissa is that she dropped school to do this.  If Michelle Wei can do Stanford and still play golf, why can’t Carissa do Stanford and surf?  Shoot, the title’s in the bag and it’s only July.  Carissa had a chance to be more than just another surf star and she passed.

  • Blasphemy Rottmouth

    People who place their faith in The Surf Industry… run mostly by surfers with IQ’s you can count on a Sloth’s paw… are like janitors trying to keep the last piece of feces from swirling down the toilet. Don’t waste your time getting your hands dirty with their shit. Let Darwin sort them out. 

    • Al Baydough

      You need to go back and re-study your evolutionary theory.

      Social Darwinism is a gross misnomer. It’s also a total illusion.

      • Blasphemy Rottmouth

        Sarcasm isn’t something you are too familiar with, eh Al? Mr. “Thinking Surfer?” Go put on your leotard and your silk cape on and get on with defending the world from us non-thinkers.

        • Al Baydough

          That was the best brainy retort you could puke up? Perhaps your prescription emetics have run well past their expiration date.
          BTW, I actually enjoyed the humor in your first post but you still fall into the same trap that the robots below have: you attack the ills of one industry by justifying the infinitely more egregious ones in another.You can’t save a house on fire by pouring gasoline on the flames. The inferno may be fun to watch but you don’t want to be in it. Ask Dante.

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