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Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it’s all in a good day’s work. But the Waimea addict didn’t grow up snapping shots with his father’s camera like so many photographers do. He instead set out to capture his longtime stomping grounds when his wife came home with a framed photograph of Waimea shorebreak, an image he figured he would be able to easily replicate. Having never owned a camera, he threw a cheap “waterproof” casing over a cheaper point-and-shoot and headed out to the beach. Since that first attempt, Clark has not only emulated his wife’s purchased wall art, but  — with a gallery in Haleiwa and international recognition — has become a heavily respected fixture of wave photography.

Special thanks to Tom Servais and Clark Little archives for the gorgeous imagery and Freddy Booth and Peter King for the in-water videos. Check out Clark’s new, 160-page coffee table book, Shorebreak, to see more of his work.

See Clark’s portfolio of beautiful shorebreak images here.

Clark goes big by going under. Photo: Gregg Miller

Clark goes big by going under. Photo: Gregg Miller

  • what an AMAZING video! always a fan and love seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ look!

  • Really cool to listen to his passion and energy – what a great individual to go with awesome photography!

  • yakup icik

    Thank you, Cristian

  • tomas89

    Does anybody know the artist and song title for beginning at 1:38?

  • Chuck Allison

    Here is a guy who enjoys what he does!

  • TheGoodSheppard

    I miss that beach… Your pictures make me question hard the reason we ever left… okay, it’s decided. We will move back before I’m 30 🙂

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