I always loved the idea of seeing well known coastal cities with lineups in them. You never seem to see pictures of cities with surf in them, except perhaps for Honolulu and Rio de Janeiro on the odd occasion. I set out to change that and came up with the following series which I entitled “Surf cities.” Where there were no waves, I used the magic of Photoshop to create waves. Photoshopping is not something that I do in my normal workflow. I like to use it to create crazy images that are quite obviously Photoshopped because those who know the places, know that they aren’t real. I like to keep them totally believable though for those folks who are not familiar with the cities.  Take the New York City line-up for example. I actually had four different surf magazine editors request the print file from me but none of them used it. My intention isn’t to pull the wool over people’s eyes, but rather to inspire them with these images. They are views of these cities that otherwise would never be seen and can give even the most hardened local a whole fresh perspective on things.

All images are available as 18 x 30,  30 x 45 or  38 x 60-inch signed canvases. Please send all art inquiries directly to Sean at

  • Jerry

    This is insane!! Awesome work, Sean!!

  • The last time i was in San Fran a couple years ago in September there actually were enormous thirty foot breaking waves pretty close to the bridge.  Biggest waves I ever saw and it looked pretty close to that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow you have to admit thats pretty amazing stuff dude.

  • miguel

    amazing photos!!!muinto bom!!!(portuguese-very nice)

  • Tyler Dirden

    that’s lake union in Seattle… not even connected to Sound except thru Locks out in Ballard that would take a wave machine in lake Washington around the University of WA to do that…or an earthquake…Aloha

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