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Kelly Slater has always been vocal about his views on health food, organics and GMO’s. He held nothing back in his interview with Luke Rudkowski of popular alternative media site We Are Change.

A lot of Americans are waking up to the fact that our water is fluoridated, our food is genetically modified, and our air is polluted. Luke Rudkowski has made a living out of following his passion of digging for the truth, and spreading awareness on a massive scale. We Are Change is one of the biggest alternative media sites in the world, while staying grass roots, and more engaged with other like-minded people. Luke met with Kelly Slater on the beach at Pipeline to ask him some controversial questions about things most high profile stars might not speak about in fears of the backlash. Many pro surfers will sell out for a contract with an energy drink company, when these kind of drinks are the exact reason for disease in America, full of the very GMO’s growing in the hills of Hawaii.

In this interview, Kelly calls the Hawaiian Islands “Ground Zero” for growing and testing of new GMO seeds. Luke states that we are slowly seeing an awakening within the population and asks Kelly how he woke up to the corruption. “I started getting away from mainstream media and started reading alternative media at some point probably right after 9/11,” he said. “I, like anyone else, just heard the official story, and there is just a lot of things that are just fishy about the whole thing. There are just so many questions; there has never been an independent investigation. Since then we have had multiple wars, villainizing millions, and just like my father-in-law who is a Vietnam vet, most people being sent off to war don’t even know why they’re fighting.”

Slater went on to talk about how his friends laugh at him because of how fanatical he is about health food, yet when one of his friends gets sick, he’s the first person they call.

In one of the profound parts of the entire interview, Slater and Luke speak about how important it is to stay true to yourself, self actualizing about ego, being aware of your own self-righteous behavior and staying healthy minded.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in hearing more of Kelly’s social and political views, check out our HEADSPACE with the king where we address topics ranging from gun control to the passing of Andy Irons. Kelly’s got depth. Here’s the link to part one, too.

  • WakeUp

    Right On…Kelly knows what’s up

  • rossaimer

    Kelly, thank you for speaking your mind. Thank you for keeping a clear mind. Thank you for educating the younger minds. Surfers are too far removed from the real world and need to be educated.

  • Question authority? Yeah … OK … If we didn’t go to Viet Nam we were “Left wing hippie commies” and gaoled for 2 years and protesting with now known facts (same facts we knew all along mind you) good luck trying to convince people. BONUS … if we went to Nam we return unrecognised as “War” veterans and called “Baby killers”.
    All well to rant on social media these days but good luck getting anything changed.

  • psbdo

    Interesting political thoughts as I’m a bit all over the board concerning certain issues. Looking to elect someone trustworthy is important. The only thing I don’t agree with is when he said that we don’t know really what happened on 9/11 as that was not a conspiracy no matter what anyone says. But going to war in Iraq was not the best idea to rid the middle east of terrorists.

    • ash6222

      I’m curious, would you oppose a more in-depth and well-funded investigation of 9/11? (Bear in mind that according to the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean, the commission was “in many ways was set up to fail, because we had not enough money, we didn’t have enough time, and we had been appointed by the most partisan people in Washington…”. I think it would help with the issue of transparency of government and possibly increase the morale of the nation.

      • psbdo

        No I don’t. I think we know who perpetrated the attacks and why they did it. It all makes sense to me and 99% of the population in the US. I think the conspiracy theory is out there to take the pressure off of the people who perpetrated these acts, so there is no racial profiling. And if you were to go ahead and fund a deeper investigation, don’t you think that there would be even a higher index of suspicion of conspiracy it they found out something different than what we currently think? Well, it’s over and perpetrators admitted it, so I’m just not sure what else is hiding under a rock.

        • ash6222

          There’s a lot of things missing in the official story such as the fact that Building 7 wasn’t hit by an aircraft and yet, due to some fires, collapsed at near free fall speed and was completely omitted from the 9/11 Commission Report. Also out of all plane crashes at the time, only 14 planes have not had their black boxes recovered – on 9/11 two more planes were added to that list and those were the black boxes of the planes that hit the twin towers yet they were able to recover a perfectly intact passport from the wreckage. Another point of inquiry is why the govt never provided more visual evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon even though there would have been plenty of camera footage of the event (This is all they released and is available on Youtube: /watch?v=AzFqXbfv_yg). I can go on and on about missing pieces of the official story and it is very unsettling. To think that the Monica Lewinsky case was investigated with 4 times the amount of money than 9/11 is unfortunate, especially since 9/11 was used to galvanize support for America to go to war in Iraq which cost the taxpayer trillions of dollars.

          • psbdo

            Yes, I believe that the war was a horrible idea from the basis of invading Iraq only. We did a good job getting rid of the Taliban in Afghanistan to at least allow a disorganized nation to attempt to be civil. But Iraq was a mistake. We had no idea how important Saddam was as a leader who could keep at least order, based on how divided the country was between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. And then the Kurds up north. But when it comes down to 9/11, it was Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist faction that dealt this blow. If not, please give me your take on what happened. This is where it gets interesting and the conspiracy theories fly. You are looking to point blame at others as are a bunch of other conspiracy theorists as I already know where this is going. But please share LOL…

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