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The bodies of two men were found in a burned van in Mexico.

The bodies of two men were found in a burned van in Mexico. Photo: Daily Mail/El Debate

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A few days ago, it was reported that two Australian surfers vanished while traveling through Mexico in a van. Now Mexican news stations are reporting on a burned van with two bodies inside in Navolato, a dangerous part of Mexico. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the worst is suspected and families of both the men are heading to Mexico.

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, both from Western Australia, had plans to arrive by van in Guadalajara on November 21st. When they never arrived and family didn’t hear from the pair, they were classified as missing people by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Australian officials released a statement confirming that the burned van was the one the Lucas and Coleman were traveling in.

“Dean and Adam were traveling in a van, departing from Topolobampa on Friday 20 November to Guadalajara but did not arrive on their scheduled date,” the statement reads. “The families and partners are aware the van in which they were traveling has been located by Mexican authorities and that a tragic event has occurred.”

The pair is thought to be traveling in a white and blue Chevy van.

The pair were supposed to be in Guadalajara over a week ago. Photo: Facebook

Andrea Goméz, who was the girlfriend of one of the men, told The Guardian she wasn’t hopeful. “Everything points to it being them because the van matches, it had a bicycle, but nothing is confirmed yet,”she said.”

The burned van matches the van the pair of Australians were traveling in.

The burned van matches the van the pair of Australians were traveling in. Photo:.

Goméz, along with Josie Cox, who was dating the other man, are heading to Culiacan “to see the bodies and do DNA tests.” Adam Coleman’s mother, Zena Cattermole, reportedly confirmed the deaths on Facebook. “Our son’s life has left us,” she wrote, “but they will be with us forever in our hearts …”

The 33-year-old Australians left Edmonton, Canada and made their way to Las Vegas, then continued south down into Mexico. They were supposed to meet Gómez in Guadalajara. Working odd jobs to fund their trip, they ended up driving through Sinaloa at night. Sinaloa is known as the home of the infamous “El Chapo”, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The family has set up a crowdfunding page to “raise funds to help support both families in getting over to Mexico and bringing Dean and Adam back home to WA safely.” More on this story as it develops.

  • Jonathan Monge

    🙁 bad news everywhere

  • Beth Silva Demont

    so sad

  • tum kritcher

    yep they were robbed- might still be alive..hope so..but in that area ( north of mazatlan) there are banditos. they were no doubt mis-taken for gringos. doubt the federales will do much about it.

    • Jay Dee

      Mistaken for gringos? They’re the ultimate gringos dude…..

      • tum kritcher

        american surfers. I mean they are driving in a old van with US plates..obviously not much money- why else would you kill them..the fact that they were actually australian was probably lost on their killers..dude.

        I have travelled that area yrs go on surf trips- ain’t much law in mexico then or now and no god at all.

        • Jay Dee

          (in Spanish-speaking countries and contexts, chiefly in the Americas) a person, especially an American, who is not Hispanic or Latino.
          Australians are like identical to Americans in the eyes of foreigners….
          And obviously not much money? With a huge smick van like that they would definitely appear to be rich to these Mexicanos…
          And yeah it seems insanely dangerous…a few months ago there was another case of missing surfers..

          • tum kritcher

            well that was pretty much my point- and sadly now it seems many mexicans have become ruthless – listening to rap music and gang thugs smoking meth- just like niggers here in can’t turn your back on them nowdays..and that is why the USA should build a big wall- lots of mexican garbage leaking into the USA.

          • Kenya May

            Hahah. Yeah, rap music made them do it! Personally I think it was Marilyn Manson and Limp Bizkit… Oh and Grand Theft Auto too! And those damn niggers, I see what you did there, lets make America great again!

          • Davd Pereira

            It’s whites ppl making them like that

          • ignaxiolpz

            What! are you joking with those comments or you are just stupid and xenophobic???

          • tum kritcher

            I can see you have never been to mexico- yrs ago it was a very mellow surf scene- the people were quiet, easy going, and welcoming..I knew several mexican families who ahd restaurants on the beach around san blas, and farther south..I ate dinner with them sometimes..everyone was later yrs I noticed lots of theft, lots of rap music, the kids were smoking ice ( meht) whereas in earlier times they were just pot smoking and all was cool. now who knows what actually happened to the 2 surfers to cause their death- but obviously they were murdered and burned up. and mexicans did it. and thats the truth..the rap music influence is poison. and of course the meth.

  • Rex Lewis

    whoa, so they were just driving through. that’s bad. The first thing you think is, what were these guys up to that might have gotten them into danger, but it sounds like they were just driving through. scary

  • Fishos

    the last time I was in Mexico a lot of the people (many are relatively unedcated) I talked to had no idea that Australia existed. Any white dudes are naturally assumed to be North Americans. The van apparently had Canadian plates not American.

  • John Huber

    Tourist idiots
    What the hell did they think was gonna happen? Might as well drive through South Central with a “free crack” sign on your rear window. Drive a custom van through a cartel infected shithole like Mexico with white skin and smiles… ignorant. Sorry brah, this was natural selection at its finest.

    • Nikki Rowe

      you are an asshole

      • John Huber

        Just a realist – it sucks this happened but someone should’ve told these guys that Baja life doesn’t fucking exist anymore – pipe dream. IF you make it through Tijuana, then IF you make it through Sinaloa… sounds like a lot of risk for just a little bit of payout, especially when they had the Gold Coast at their fingertips.

        • Nikki Rowe

          just really insensitive comment to make – “natural selection at its finest” . Naive maybe , and they should have done more research for sure.

        • Chris Thomas

          No you’re not a realist nor do you think you are, so why you are making this post is beyond me other than you are just a worthless stupid POS. By virtue of the fact that you have a pulse, you are fully aware that thousands of visitors travel though Baja all the time with no problems, especially in that past few years. You would by lying by saying otherwise. You know what’s most sad about this whole thing? That was these guys and not you. It would be a true pleasure to me if something tragic happens you you.

          • disqus_nDX7Yue23r

            Ah so the shitty friend who encouraged them to go shows his face. How’s it feel knowing you sent your brah buddies to their certain death? Way to take a random internet comment and turn it personal buddy. My comment wasn’t a personal attack on the tourists but rather a condemnation of the shitty state of what Mexico has become, and the shitty friends and family that said “yeah that sounds like a cool trip!” Might as well go hiking in fucking Afghanistan.

    • tum kritcher

      they were in a 20+ yr old beater van..and everyone knows most surfers don’t have much money..

      • John Huber

        yeah but…. the van in their photos is not a “beater” van to a Mexican. The point is they made themselves a target first by crossing the border with white skin, second by driving a nice vehicle through poverty stricken cartel territory. No one is trying to piss on their graves, it’s just annoying to read about avoidable tragedies that could have been prevented, over and over again. It’s not the first time this has happened and obviously won’t be the last.

        • tum kritcher

          you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. mexico is not impoverished and I doubt most mexicans would give it a second look.and most people who live in west coast mexico and the cartel areas do pretty well. something happened that attracted attention to these 2 guys- maybe they flirted with a cute gal at a roadside restaurant..something unusual happened..surfers are travelijng all over mexico right now..this is unusual.

          • John Huber

            Maybe it was the rap music… You fucking retard.

          • tum kritcher

            you prob have never been to mexico and sure as hell don’t surf. I imagine you are an old pale skin bed wetter- who secretly sucks nigger cock thru glory holes at the ghetto bus station..and like it or not- a very alrge percentage of black people are pure scum- they stink they don’t practice birth control and the ‘music’ they listen to is audio porn. now thats the unvarnished truth.

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