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We have had some exceptionally talented photographers share their work on The Inertia in 2012. In the past few weeks, we sifted through all of the submissions in 2012 and put our favorite photos in the same place. Sit back, enjoy, and marvel at the artistry in their work. It’s amazing. And if this doesn’t get you pumped to get in the water or maybe pick up a camera, well, we can’t say we didn’t try.

  • So awesome, number one photo! Thanks so much…. speechless.

  • Tim Hamby

    Great calls. Absolutely frickin’ gorgeous. Definitely makes you appreciate the beauty of our world; the act of surfing in all of its many forms; and the insanely addictive nature of the surfing lifestyle.


    Thanks for choosing some of my shots. Honored to be up here with such talented artists. Congrats to everyone else featured as well! All the shots are amazing! Aloha,



  • FredZilch

    Actually, Ventura is warm compared to the spots north of Pt. Conception. Anacapa Island in the background.

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