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Andy Irons and Lyndie Irons

The Irons family acknowledges the role of drugs in Andy Irons' life and death and clarifies information distributed by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

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Contrary to what was stated in a May 19th email sent out by Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Ashley Fourt to members of the media, the Irons family did not request the extension of a motion to block the release of the autopsy results for Andy Irons due to be released by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner today.

A lawyer in Dallas, operating without authorization from the family, made a unilateral decision to request a delay on behalf of the family as a way to provide sufficient time for the 10-page toxicology report to be translated into laymen’s terms and prevent the risk of its being misconstrued or misunderstood. Additionally, his intentions were to provide the family a moment to accept the final cause of Andy’s death.

Unfortunately, this delay has now caused a firestorm of media speculation about the intentions of Andy’s family. We would like the media and public to know that we have been anticipating the results for six months and were prepared to greet the release of this information with honesty and forthrightness.

We would also like to address two quotes attributed to Andy’s wife Lyndie that were recycled from six months ago and reprinted in a story today on OutsideOnline as if they were current. Firstly, Mrs. Irons has long regretted her previous remark about the truth “tarnishing Andy’s brand,” which she attributes to her confusion and grief at the time of learning of her husband’s passing. Secondly, Mrs. Irons’ quote that she believes the autopsy results will “contradict the rumors [of] a drug overdose” does not reflect Lyndie Irons’ or the family’s beliefs today. We know that Andy’s life and death were tainted by drugs and are ready to accept the Medical Examiner’s findings.

The family has been prepared to finally learn the cause of Andy’s death and is saddened and angered to wait longer, as it was not by our choice or design. We would also like the media and public to know that Andy’s sponsors, including Billabong, have played no part in this extension and are not trying to protect Andy’s image or earnings in any way, and we hope that these inaccurate claims will cease.

The family is still anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy and toxicology report and will comment further, and with all due honesty, once it is provided to us.

–The Irons Family

  • Anthony

    I too had a drug problem & my heart goes out to all Family & friends of Andy,its a daily battle to sta y clean & i just got the bad news of having a bad heart  n left ventricle tha size of an apple,as well my aorta valve not working properly n only pumping <28% of the blood required to oxygenate my body-All caused by  drug abuse-my own fault i know.In saying this its my choice to share this stuff,Let the Irons Family be,The greiviving process is hard enough without some body sticking their nose in where its not wanted or needed,in time i think they,ll talk about Andy,but untill that day just leave em alone & let them be !!! Antman WA

    • Al Baydough

      I have no interest in bothering the family in any way that invades their privacy. However, to expect anyone to ignore this issue and refrain from discussing it openly in public forums is as much a farce as the massive white elephant that “drugs and surfing” have grown to be.When you choose a public life and choose to piss it away with such blatant disregard for the ones you love you incur the double shame of not just leaving your family without you but of subjecting them to the shit storm they now have to face.Andy’s screw-up is on a level that exceeds the greatness he achieved. Drugs have created so many tragedies in Hawaiian surfing circles for so long that I can only think of Marx’s infamous quote with regards to the loss of Irons. I have watched arrogance and addiction claim family, friends, and lovers so many times in my life that I cannot help but feel that pulling punches here and now would be both irresponsible and cowardly in the extreme.Stop making excuses or keep burying the people you love because you couldn’t put your foot down when it was needed most. Your choice.

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  • Stu

    terrible, terrible PR team they’ve got.  That statement makes no more sense than the original release on AI dying from Dengue Fever.  

  • Fredgarvin

    Ambigously stated PR as to who the “Irons Family” are.  Comes across as convincing evidence they wanted the delay to filter the news exactly as is being done here even if they did not.  Sympathy to the family is most definitely deserved, but major scummy move by the spin folks.  Lying manipulators of truth. The guy surfed real good but was no saint and no role model.  Simply release the results if you don’t want to try and sugar coat the truth. 

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