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I don’t really consider myself a surf photographer; I take photos of my daily life. Which often means surfing or traveling with my wife and two daughters in search of surf. Modern surf photography and the angles and images that are coming out en mass today are mind blowing. I can’t keep up with that. I’m happy to shoot off a few thoughtful rolls of film on a surf trip and see if any magic happens. I’m still somewhat obsessed with film and I usually carry a couple of film cameras around. I don’t follow pros, in fact I avoid them – instead I am constantly searching for solitude away from crowds and for this reason my best images are usually pulled back. To fund my lifestyle, I teach high school photography in San Francisco.

  • BVB

    Good on ya Paul!

  • SF_SD

    Remember seeing Paul’s prints hanging in the sunset. Classic SF shots that had a major impact on me growing up. Keep inspiring the young sf surfers and surfers/shooters!

  • Rad

    Great shots! I’ve never really put much energy into surf photography but knew a few kids in middle school that took it up full time. It’s great to experience ocean through such an interesting medium. When I take photographs in and of the ocean it feels almost sacred, like I shouldn’t be taking pictures of such an extreme force of beauty. But you know what? Fuck it! Life’s short and the ocean is more than capable of taking care of itself (minus man made fuckery). When I land a good shoot it feels like the base dropped on one of those dubstep songs that are all the rage nowadays. But really man, good on ya.

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