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Ryan Mack, doing work.

Ryan Mack, doing work.

New Jersey’s 16-year-old Ryan Mack has been shooting surf photographs for two years. The winter months in New Jersey are fun, but very cold, with blizzards that dump 4 feet of snow and whip up 4 feet of swell. Mack enjoys shooting a lot of the ERGO riders in Jersey, being that they’re a local company, founded in his hometown. You can check out his newly launched website, or Ryan Mack Photo on Facebook.

  • Steve Briggs

    Great website but have to ask what most people would be wondering?????  What is with the saturation of New Jersey, East Coast coverage?  Really?  Zach, this must be your hometown I am guessing.  It would help your mission here if you branched out more.  Every now and then some Jersey or New York stuff would be OK but right now it’s overkill.  The surfing game has changed and it is world wide.  Hope you don’t take this too hard it is just constructive criticism.  You’re doing a great job but for now too much East Coast will turn off a lost of people.  

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