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This past year, I was able to travel quite a bit and shoot with the most amazing female surfers in the world. From Hawaii to Mexico to Australia and Tahiti, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with these incredible women, who not only excel as athletes, but support artists like me in the most authentic way possible. Most importantly, I’m lucky to call some of these inspiring women my friends.

As I begin my newest adventure into law school, I will be limited as far as traveling and photography are concerned. But as I look back on these incredible experiences I’ve had, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, as I hope to continue to support female surfers after earning my JD.

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  • RandPaul4Prez

    I saw one nice booty in Tahiti and the rest were on the flat side.

  • Matt

    I think as a female photographer, photographing females, you’re perhaps able to connect with your subjects in a different way from male photographers. Also your photographer’s perspective of the female surfers is different-less sexualisation of their form perhaps. Just an observation. Good luck with the JD.

    • Magdalena Kernan

      Agreed!! I’m happy to see that perception. Thanks so much.

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