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Steph Gilmore has been referred to as surfing’s leading lady. And why shouldn’t she be? Five world titles going on more not enough? If so, this soon-to-drop-online documentary will convince you as the trailer speaks for itself.

Filmed by Ava Warbrick, daughter of Rip Curl co-founder Doug “Claw” Warbrick, she and an all-female crew followed Gilmore for three years compiling outstanding footage and sound bytes that give viewers unique insight into the life and mind of one of surfing’s greatest.

Be sure to catch Stephanie in the Water when it drops on iTunes, August 5.



  • rosser

    If the camera work is anything to go by, this film may be one of surfing’s greatest cases of nepotism since the owner of a billion dollar surf empire last gave his daughter a job behind a camera.

    Had to be said. Steph, you still rip :-/

    • dffggtyrtwe

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