Melissa lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida when she is not traveling. She finds a spiritual connection with God in the ocean, and her life revolves around the surf report and tides. She strives to bring the soul back to surfing by sharing smiles and stoke in the water and by serving the local people in the places she travels. The journey, beautiful people, and diverse cultures inspire her to share her adventures. She is a founder of the Surf Sisters and Water Women, mentoring and teaching girls to surf. She is a surf instructor with the Ron Jon surf school and has been certified by the NSSIA since 2009. She volunteers with Surfers for Autism and the non-profit organization Ride Nature. Melissa is committed to using surfing to make the world a better place. She is an aspiring writer and her stories have been published in WSSM (Women’s Surf and Style Magazine) and ESM (Eastern Surf Magazine). For more stories visit
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