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The Inertia

The shark thriller genre sucks. According to the International Movie Database, there are more than 180 films making up that category, so yes, “Shark Thriller” is an official, recognized artistic genre. And you wanna know something else? You’re really only allowed to maybe think one of those films is actually any good: Jaws. The granddaddy of all shark flicks.

Every other one of them sucks. Like I said.

Spielberg’s original work is the reason we have The Shallows, Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Shark Water, Open Water, The Meg…notice how I still can’t list off a single quality film in the bunch? And the latest of them, The Meg, was quite possibly tossed at Warner Bros. execs with the foolproof pitch, “Jason Statham fights a 75-foot shark…”


“Ok, we’re going to write you a check for somewhere between, what do you think, $130 million? $180 million?” replied the Hollywood mustache-twirling buyers.

“Sold!” exclaimed the producers.

And you know what? You can’t really blame them for spending all that loot. The film went on to rake in over $520 million on its approximate $180 million budget in spite of being dubbed the “Best Worst Movie of 2018,” which, as I’ve pointed out, is kind of par for the course in the shark film genre. Films so bad they’re good. And people forking out cash to watch them.


So enjoy yourself a bit of brutal honesty in this film trailer here. And do so with the knowledge that it grossed its investors over half a billion dollars.


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