• Anton Louw


    Anton lives and surfs around Cape Town, South Africa. He reckons it’s the best place to be in the world and is not wrong about that. He would rather use this space to tell you ... Read more

  • Ryan Lovelace


    Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace has been building a niche for himself in the custom surfboard world for a number of years, first shaping Point Concept Surfboards and more recent... Read more

  • Jordan Lovelis

    Filmmaker, Musician

    Jordan Lovelis is a skater, snowboarder, filmmaker, photographer, and musician. He's well versed in capturing art as it's happening.... Read more

  • Brian Lovett

    PhD Candidate, University of Maryland

    I am a PhD student studying mycology in agricultural and vector biology systems. I am working on projects analyzing mycorrhizal interactions in agriculture, the transcriptomics of ... Read more

  • Jess Lowcher

    Jess Lowcher is an expat surfer/creator. When the surf is flat, you can find her illustrating for Tribe of Daughters, the action sports children's book company she runs with her si... Read more

  • Duncan Lowe

    Duncan is a blogger who grew up in Maine. A lifetime skier, it took him a while to realize that Nor’easters don’t just bring snow to the East Coast – they bring swell and off... Read more

  • Tom Lowe

    Professional Surfer

    My rhythm has always been the same: come home, work for the summer, then pick a cheap place where I could surf or just hit the road and see what was out there. It was simple fate t... Read more

  • Riccardo Lowi

    Doctor/Freelance Consultant/Surfer

    Riccardo is a medical doctor working as a freelance consultant for healthcare and biotech companies. He lives between the UK, Portugal and his home town of Milan. He strives to mak... Read more

  • Candace Loy


    Ocean-made. Drawing from her ocean-centred life in New Zealand with art, marine science and play, Candace Loy enjoys combining ideas to share unique artwork + stories. She is creat... Read more

  • Jaider Lozano


    Jaider Lozano grew up in a small city in a beautiful region named Asturia, on Spain's northern coast. He started taking photos and surfing when he was 21 years old, and since then,... Read more