• Devin McGaughey

    Surfer / Tinkerer

    Devin thinks about operations and strategy at The Inertia. In his real life he does Corporate Development for a large internet media company in Los Angeles, is always on the lookou... Read more

  • Ian McGee

    Ian W. McGee is a St. Louis native currently living in Santa Monica, CA. Ian has worked in film and production as editor, photographer, and director with Woodshed Films, Farm Leag... Read more

  • Drew Mcgill

    Photographer / Videographer

    Drew has been shooting photographs for over 10 years. His love for photography started in high school, and has only multiplied since then. Shooting motivates him and keeps him insp... Read more

  • Jess McGlothlin

    Photographer, Writer

    ess McGlothlin is happiest on the road in the dusty, far-off corners of the world. She sees her mission as a simple one: tell stories. Working as a freelance photographer and write... Read more

  • Myles McGuinness

    Creative Director/Photographer

    Inspired by a lifetime of traveling, Myles was raised on saltwater and snow. He grew up across the U.S. in such places as the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Ohio, and Nort... Read more

  • Mark McInnis


    Mark McInnis was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and as a result has an unparalleled affinity for cold water. Between can collecting and panhandling, Mark puts about 25,00... Read more

  • Deirdre McKay

    Senior Lecturer in Geography, Keele University

    I hold Ph.D. in Geography from the University of British Columbia (1999). I work on development and migration. I've worked with Canada's international development agencies - CIDA a... Read more

  • Heather Mckendry

    ... Read more

  • Tim McKenna


    Tim McKenna was born in Sydney, Australia, but spent most of his youth near the beaches of South West France. In the 90's, although he mainly focused on surf photography, he branch... Read more

  • Duncan McKenzie

    Duncan McKenzie is a psychologist by trade with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. He has surfed for more years than he cares to admit, but recently he has been focusing mostly on sur... Read more