• Jake Marote


    Jake is an avid waterman and photographer from the Big island, who currently resides on the North Shore of Oahu. He enjoys the outdoors, surfing, diving, hunting, and dirt bike rid... Read more

  • James Marshall

    James Marshall (otherwise known as Mammoth) grew up in the outdoor playground of New Zealand’s South Island. A lifelong surfer and snowboarder, anyone who knows him will tell you... Read more

  • Adrienne Marshall

    Postdoctoral Fellow in Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences, University of Idaho

    I have a broad, interdisciplinary background in environmental sciences and water resources. My primary area of focus is physical hydrology, with a particular interest in climate ch... Read more

  • Ben Martin

    Founder & CEO Johnny on the Spot

    Ben Martin hails from Cornwall in the UK, though he has spent much of his life living and hunting waves in other island nations such as New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia. He is the ... Read more

  • Oscar Martinez


    I was born in Burgos, a city 150 kms from the Sea. Since I was little I have been spending time in Cantabria, the land of my grandfather and bathed by the Cantabrian Sea. This is w... Read more

  • Hunter Martinez


    Hunter is a young boy currently living in Ventura. He owns a car and a camera but one day he will own a dog. He likes to take photos but also likes filming his life with different ... Read more

  • Bryan Marville

    Co-Founder, WETSOX

    Based in New York City, Bryan Marville is the co-founder and CEO of WETSOX. When he’s not working on the company’s vision, growth strategy or product development, you'll likely... Read more

  • Sal Masekela


    Currently, Sal is best known for his unique and witty hosting on E! Network’s The Daily 10. He also is very well known for hosting ESPN’s X-Games and participating in a season ... Read more

  • Mickey Mason


    Mickey Mason is a cinematographer, editor, film student and surfer based in Victor Harbor, South Australia. Mickey's love for surfing started at 5 years old in frosty English water... Read more

  • Michael Massa


    Michael grew up surfing and snowboarding the cold and sometimes phenomenal conditions in the Northeast USA. After graduation he has not stopped moving, taking multiple road trips ... Read more