• Maureen McNamara


    Maureen became a surfer in 1967 when she first saw the Endless Summer on the big screen. She belly whomped in the early years, then in 1974 bought a 6'10" Heritage diamond tail wit... Read more

  • Mitch McNeil

    Surfrider Foundation Chicago Chapter

    Mitch McNeil is the Vice Chair of Surfrider's Chicago Chapter as well as an Art Director and Designer focused on graphic design for print and screen. Mitch is also the guitarist fo... Read more

  • Rhett McNulty

    Rhett is a co-founder of OceansGlobal.org; where he is developing water-based treatment therapies to help those battling addiction.... Read more

  • Clark McNulty

    Founder, HookBuzz / OceansGlobal.org

    Clark McNulty is an avid waterman who has spent significant time honing in his skills diving, fishing and filming offshore in the chain of Channel Islands off the coast of Southern... Read more

  • Ruby Meade

    Ruby Meade is a life enthusiast and adventurer based out of Raglan, New Zealand. She runs The Surf Box, a website that assists surfers to reach their highest potential. With a back... Read more

  • Kassia Meador

    Professional Surfer/Adventurer

    Kassia Meador discovered a talent for nose-riding at the age of 14, in the perfectly tapered waves of Malibu, California. Soon after, she entered her first surf contest, the ROXY W... Read more

  • Juan Medina


    Born in Caracas, Venezuela , Juan grew up to be a very passionate, active, and creative person. He began surfing at 13 years old and has since let his passion and love for the ocea... Read more

  • John Meeker

    Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan

    Dr. John Meeker is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Senior Associate Dean for Research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. He holds a B.S. in Ind... Read more

  • Surf Mei Mei

    Surf/Adventure/beauty Bloggers

    SurfMeiMei.com is an adventure blog written by two friends who met while surfing in New York. Surf Mei Mei (which means "surf sister" in Chinese... Read more

  • Ryan Meichtry


    Ryan Meichtry is photographer/cinematographer. A native Californian born and raised in the City of Angels. After receiving a old film camera from his father, the a hobby of shootin... Read more