• Malia Manuel

    Professional Surfer

    Malia Manuel is a 22-year-old professional surfer out of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. In 2015 she finished in the top 10 of the WSL Women's Championship Tour and was named one of ... Read more

  • Juan Manuel Real


    Juan Manuel Real is a 21 year old Uruguayan freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Punta del Este, Uruguay. His videos are typically personal projects without any sponsors o... Read more

  • Steve Mara

    Videographer / Surfer

    Steve grew up in Wisconsin, and in college he vacationed to San Diego with his roommate. They went surfing, he stood up the first day, and he was hooked! He moved a year later, whi... Read more

  • Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot

    Co-Founder, Surfagram.com

    Born, raised and living in Paris, France, far from waves and the sea, Pierre-Arnaud has always felt a deep connection with the ocean. He became addicted to surfing as soon as he to... Read more

  • Ben Marcus

    Former SURFER Editor/Author

    Ben Marcus is a natural born writer who worked at Surfer Magazine as an editor for 10 years, and now has 15 published books with his name on them - well most of them, anyway. B... Read more

  • Mariana Marenelmar


    Mariana Marenelmar is a Mexican photographer. She has documented the national surf development over the past few years. A constant traveller looking for the hot spots and the best ... Read more

  • Esther Marie


    At the age of 24, Esther Marie is living her childhood dream of being a true surfer girl. Author of two books and founder of a local surfer girl network called "Fearless Girl", Est... Read more

  • Chase Markham


    Chase Anthony Markham was born and raised in Encinitas, California. He grew up surfing, skating, fishing and anything else that involved the ocean. He currently lives in the the So... Read more

  • Noa Markou


    I am Greek/French in nationality, forty three years old, and have spent all my life in the ocean practicing one sport or another. Currently, I mainly reside in Greece on the islan... Read more

  • Leon Markovitz

    Co-Founder, WikiBrains

    Leon Markovitz hails from Caracas, studied in Boston, and currently lives in Tel-Aviv where he co-founded WikiBrains, a dataviz startup. He is ... Read more