• Elizabeth McKibben

    Yoga Instructor

    Liz has been teaching yoga for 7 years and is an avid adventurer. After moving to Hong Kong and completing her Masters in Behavioral Health in 2016, Liz decided to leave academia a... Read more

  • Corey McLean

    Filmmaker, Photographer

    Corey McLean is a filmmaker and photographer, originally from rural Maine, but now residing in Los Angeles. He is a co-creator of the production company Makewild, which aims to tel... Read more

  • Holly McLennan

    ... Read more

  • Christian McLeod


    Being from the Rockies, Christian grew up around amazing landscapes, but moving to Ireland when he was young sprouted his love for photography. Using a small hand-me-down film came... Read more

  • Conor McMullen


    Conor McMullen is 25 and currently lives in Bethany Beach, DE. Being an East Coast surfer, he's no stranger to long periods of time without waves, so he tries to make the most of w... Read more

  • Garrett McNamara

    Professional Surfer

    Overthe past ten years, McNamara has been on a mission to catch the biggest, best waves on the planet, and he has succeeded mightily.... Read more

  • Maureen McNamara


    Maureen became a surfer in 1967 when she first saw the Endless Summer on the big screen. She belly whomped in the early years, then in 1974 bought a 6'10" Heritage diamond tail wit... Read more

  • Mitch McNeil

    Surfrider Foundation Chicago Chapter

    Mitch McNeil is the Vice Chair of Surfrider's Chicago Chapter as well as an Art Director and Designer focused on graphic design for print and screen. Mitch is also the guitarist fo... Read more

  • Rhett McNulty

    Rhett is a co-founder of OceansGlobal.org; where he is developing water-based treatment therapies to help those battling addiction.... Read more

  • Clark McNulty

    Founder, HookBuzz / OceansGlobal.org

    Clark McNulty is an avid waterman who has spent significant time honing in his skills diving, fishing and filming offshore in the chain of Channel Islands off the coast of Southern... Read more