• John Meeker

    Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan

    Dr. John Meeker is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Senior Associate Dean for Research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. He holds a B.S. in Ind... Read more

  • Surf Mei Mei

    Surf/Adventure/beauty Bloggers

    SurfMeiMei.com is an adventure blog written by two friends who met while surfing in New York. Surf Mei Mei (which means "surf sister" in Chinese... Read more

  • Ryan Meichtry


    Ryan Meichtry is photographer/cinematographer. A native Californian born and raised in the City of Angels. After receiving a old film camera from his father, the a hobby of shootin... Read more

  • Carly Mejeur


    Carly Mejeur is a Lantana local artist. She was born and raised in South Florida but moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art and receive her BFA in paint... Read more

  • Anders Melchior

    I am a 27 year old filmmaker and video journalist from Oslo, Norway. I got into filmmaking because I love telling stories. I studied economy for three years. After that I felt I ne... Read more

  • Desiree Melendez

    Desiree Melendez hails from Queens, New York; an incredibly diverse environment that has played a key role in the formation of her entrepreneurial spirit. She graduated with a B.A.... Read more

  • Brett Mellon

    Brett Mellon grew up in the waters of Newport Beach, CA. Surfing has always been his greatest passion in life and now as he is trying to find his way into the real world he continu... Read more

  • Ana Mellone

    Ana Mellone is a Brazilian veterinarian and columnist of GDS Radio Mar del Plata.... Read more

  • Tim Mendez

    Photographer / Filmmaker

    CSULB graduate Currently residing in Newport Beach, California. When not wave sliding or riding a skateboard can be found treading water on the inside or on the beach with a camera... Read more

  • Pete Mendia

    Professional Surfer

    The big kid, all power, Peter Mendia has made his name in Hawaii and on the pro circuit, but photos and video best capture how Peter puts it all together.... Read more