• Heather Miller


    Heather is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, massage practitioner, and foundation training student instructor with a life long love for the ocean and surfing. Having a Bachelor ... Read more

  • Jake Miller

    Professional Windsurfer/Cinematographer/Editor

    I’m a professional windsurfer/cinematographer/editor based on Maui, Hawaii. I’ve been filming for over 10 years and have worked with Red Bull, Poor Boyz Productions and Dan Nor... Read more

  • Brent Miller

    ISA Media Team

    Brent is originally from Florida and comes from 7 years of Television Production at FUEL TV where he produced feature segments and shows for the network. Currently he is a Freelan... Read more

  • Fran Miller


    Frances 'Fran' Miller is a Sydney-born photographer currently living on the Gold Coast of Australia. Specializing in fine art surf and water photography, Fran has been published in... Read more

  • Jonie Millhouse

    I have been a photographer since I was 13 and have had a passion for all things photography ever since. I started with an all manual 35mm and grew into medium format. I have been s... Read more

  • Marissa Milliken

    Co-Founder, Better Beach Project

    Marissa Milliken was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and spent her entire childhood on or near the water. She learned to swim before she could walk and started racing small sailin... Read more

  • Brad Milliken

    Disaster Services Analyst, Pacific Disaster Center

    A native of Charlotte, NC, Brad grew up splitting his weekends between racing sailboats on the coast and finding big rocks to climb in the North Carolina mountains. After receiving... Read more

  • Mary Mills


    Mary Mills is a surfer that the internet surf world knows as Surfsister, the writer of the Intruder in the Surf blog. With three degrees to her name, she continues to eschew the co... Read more

  • Cris Mills

    Surfer/Fitness & Health Coach

    As an avid surfer, traveler, and fitness/health coach I've spent the last great portion of my life travelling to surf incredible waves, and constantly educating myself on how to im... Read more

  • Owen Milne

    Cinematographer , Director , Editor , Photographer

    Owen Milne is 18-years-young, from a small coastal town called Copacabana , New South Whales, Australia. He has been in the ocean since he can remember. he got hooked on capturing ... Read more