• Sabrina Morris


    Sabrina Morris was born and raised in La Jolla, California, with some formative years spent on the Big Island of Hawaii. A water enthusiast, she started surfing at the age of 11. ... Read more

  • Deb Morris


    Deb was born in Melbourne, Australia, in the mid-60’s and moved to Sydney with her family in early 70’s. Deb spent the 70’s and 80’s growing up in Bondi and was immersed in... Read more

  • Richard Quinn Morrison


    Ocean-themed artist Richard Quinn Morrison seeks to create unique, surreal art that are beautiful and thought-provoking in a genre of painting that is ready for something new. Morr... Read more

  • Megan Taylor Morrison

    Assistant Editor, The Active Times

    Megan Taylor Morrison is an assistant editor for The Active Times in New York City. Megan was born in Fresno, California, just 90 miles from Yosemite National Park. After growing u... Read more

  • Derek Morrison

    ... Read more

  • Callum Morse


    Growing up on the coast of Cornwall the sea was my playground, surfing drew me to beach. My love for photography came after being given an old Minolta film camera that belonged to ... Read more

  • Lindsey Morse

    Digital nomad, surfer, road warrior

    Lindsey is a digital nomad, freelance writer, road warrior, procrastinating yogi and sometimes surfer from Portland, OR. She founded the outdoor lifestyle blog, Read more

  • James Mort


    James Mort is a Sydney based writer and photographer. Currently riding for Rossignol, he has a passion for big mountain skiing and adventure. James first clipped into a pair of ski... Read more

  • Alex Mortensen


    Alex is a DP based out of San Diego, Cali. He has over five years of experience in visual storytelling. Lead by his entrepreneurial attitude, he has directed and shot commercial pr... Read more

  • Max Mortiz

    Cooperative Extension Wildfire Specialist at the University of California Forest Research and Outreach

    Our research is focused on understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales, and our extension work involves applying this information to ecosystem management.... Read more