• Liam Murphy

    The Roaming Pharmacist

    This year I started a concept page called The Roaming Pharmacist. It is basically a means of combining my professional skills and experiences with my lust for travel and adventure ... Read more

  • John P. Murphy

    I love, write, read, swim, run, paint and build dry stone walls. I used to chase butterflies.... Read more

  • Trevor Murphy


    Trevor Murphy was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts. To compensate for the lack of waves and weather, he has found in necessary to travel to warmer climates. Over the past ... Read more

  • Claire Murphy


    I'm a photographer based out of California who loves to travel, meet new people and capture the good times along the way. These are the things that spark my creativity and moti... Read more

  • Sean Murphy

    Owner, WaterWays Surf Adventures

    Sean Murphy, owner of WaterWays Surf Adventures, traveled to N Sumatra and neighboring islands Oct 8-24 2012. All the surf photos were taken by other people with good equipment; a... Read more

  • Lizzie Murray

    Founder, A Liquid Future

    With a childhood spent adventuring around the world, after graduating university with an honors degree in Political Science and a short spell as a sports journalist Lizzie spent he... Read more

  • Jason Murray

    Editor, Nike Better World

    Jason Murray has been documenting his world for over two decades. Raised on saltwater, skinned knees and a healthy appetite for exploration, he’s been both witness and active par... Read more

  • Jeff Myers


    Jeffrey Myers is Virginia Beach, Virginia native now residing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina who is known by most for his cynical, often weird and very dark sense of humor. A... Read more

  • Cyle Myers


    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and not long after, my parents relocated to Port Elizabeth where I learned to surf. I later moved back to Cape Town to complete a degree in En... Read more

  • Nathan Myers


    Nathan Myers is a Bali-based writer, senior editor at Surfing Magazine, and co-creator of Innersection. His previous film projects i... Read more