• Rafael Pease

    Founder, FLUX VEHO

    For Rafael Pease, it's all about getting together and having fun with people who have the same passion as himself for this type of lifestyle as well as to make positive connections... Read more

  • Joao Pedro Rocha


    João Pedro Rocha was born in 1985 in Oporto, Portugal, a city in which he still lives today. Since an early age João Pedro has had a great connection to the sea and rivers and wa... Read more

  • Gordon Peeler

    Surfer/Economic Consultant

    A former summer time beach go-er on the Jersey Shore, Gordon is now a recent graduate of Georgetown University and an economic consultant living and working in New York City. He is... Read more

  • Leanne Pelosi


    Reanne Perosi, girl does she rip! After breaking into the shred game hitting big air jumps on the contest circuit, Leanne has continued to progress into all areas of snowboarding a... Read more

  • Richard E. Peltier

    Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Dr. Rick Peltier is trained as an atmospheric chemist (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2007), with specific interest in human exposure and health outcomes related to air pollution. He combines ... Read more

  • Pat Pemberton


    Pat Pemberton is a reporter with the Tribune in San Luis Obispo, CA. He has written for Rolling Stone, AOL Music, The Surfer’s Journal and Indianapolis Monthly, and his stories ... Read more

  • Robson Penapreta


    I was born overseas, but raised around the world, due my parents' life. I grew up in Brazil–my mom’s land. As far I see, I am happy human being painted with a rebellious brus... Read more

  • Elizabeth Pepin Silva


    Elizabeth is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than fifteen years she has been making films independently and for PBS an... Read more

  • Dan Peppiatt

    Author, Surfer, Fire Artist, Yogi

    Dan Peppiatt was born in 1975, just outside of London, England. After a misspent youth of setting things on fire and skateboarding, he traveled to India which somehow led to him li... Read more

  • Matthew Pera

    Matthew Pera is a surfer and writer from Northern California who grew up paddling out way undergunned on big, foggy days at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. He currently lives in Santa ... Read more