• Lindsey Morse

    Digital nomad, surfer, road warrior

    Lindsey is a digital nomad, freelance writer, road warrior, procrastinating yogi and sometimes surfer from Portland, OR. She founded the outdoor lifestyle blog, Read more

  • James Mort


    James Mort is a Sydney based writer and photographer. Currently riding for Rossignol, he has a passion for big mountain skiing and adventure. James first clipped into a pair of ski... Read more

  • Alex Mortensen


    Alex is a DP based out of San Diego, Cali. He has over five years of experience in visual storytelling. Lead by his entrepreneurial attitude, he has directed and shot commercial pr... Read more

  • Max Mortiz

    Cooperative Extension Wildfire Specialist at the University of California Forest Research and Outreach

    Our research is focused on understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales, and our extension work involves applying this information to ecosystem management.... Read more

  • Tom Moser


    Tom Moser resides in Southern Pennsylvania where the weather is less than appealing 50% of the year. Originally from Maryland, Tom has one daughter named Katie and is the eldest o... Read more

  • Scott Moses


    I'm a watermen first, surfer, spearfisherman and eCommerce store owner. I love writing about all these topics and hope to help spread my ... Read more

  • Ryan Moss


    Ryan Moss is a photographer with a one-track mind: to inspire the world by sharing his passion and love of nature through the images he creates. Born and raised along the Central C... Read more

  • The Inertia Mountain

    Distributor of Ideas

    TheInertia.com/mountain features insightful commentary from the global mountain community’s most prominent and thoughtful figures. TheInertia.com/mountain also aims to make susta... Read more

  • Jayme Moye

    Adventure Journalist

    Adventure Journalist Jayme Moye writes about mountain sports, exploration, and pushing the limits of human potential. She is a former adventure news correspondent for Men's Journal... Read more

  • Nick Mucha

    Director of Programs, Save the Waves Coalition

    Nick Mucha is the Director of Programs for Save The Waves Coalition, overseeing their global efforts to conserve unique surf spots and coastal resources. Before joining Save The Wa... Read more