• Killian O'Brien

    Surfer, Skier, Writer

    Killian O’Brien is a qualified surfing and skiing instructor as well as a passionate writer. He is founder of Surf Ski Travel, an online travel blog. It documents his interests, ... Read more

  • Erin O'Donnell

    Senior Fellow, Centre for Resources, Energy and Environment Law, University of Melbourne

    Erin is a water policy and governance specialist. She has worked in environmental management and water governance since 2003, as both a private consultant and with the Victorian Go... Read more

  • Carlin Odriscoll


    Carlin, 29, is a photographer and surfer who lives in Currumbin on the Gold Coast of Australia with his wife and 3-year-old son. He grew up in Kirra and started surfing when he was... Read more

  • Tim O'Hara

    Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates, Museums Victoria

    Dr Timothy O'Hara uses museum collections to answer large-scale questions about the distribution of seafloor animals around the globe. This research includes aspects of biogeograph... Read more

  • Nora O'Malley


    Nora O’Malley was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She currently lives in Perth where she writes online content for ROXY Australia. As a freelancer, she’s been published in: T... Read more

  • Hayden O'Neill


    Hayden O’Neill was born and raised in the cold of Southern Victoria, Australia, Residing on the Mornington Peninsula, he works closely with Cam Stynes on the collective ‘The Sa... Read more

  • John O'Reilly


    John grew up skateboarding in Central Ohio, whose beach exposure was limited to sporadic family vacations to The Outer Banks. There, he dabbled in bodysurfing and bodyboarding. Bu... Read more

  • Beth O'Rourke

    Documentary Filmmaker and Writer

    Beth O’Rourke is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She recently graduated with honors after 18 years of service as a Creative Director in the advertising industry. Her latest p... Read more

  • Jarod O'Shannessy


    Jarod O'Shannessy is 15 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia. He has a strong passion for surf photography and that's how he conveys his inspiration.... Read more

  • Joanne OShaughnessy


    Originally from Rockaway Beach, NY, and now residing at the Jersey Shore, Joanne has been surfing in, and shooting photos of the ocean since she was a kid. Her photography encompas... Read more