• Wilcox Norvell


    My name is Wilcox Norvell, and I'm 20 years old. I grew up in Charleston, SC and am lucky to have the Washout at Folly Beach as my home break. For the past few years, I've been fol... Read more

  • Linda Nowlan

    Adjunct Professor, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia

    Linda Nowlan heads the Marine Program at West Coast Environmental Law, where she works as a Staff Lawyer. She is an adjunct professor at the Allard School of Law at UBC and a membe... Read more

  • Paola Núñez Linares


    Paola Núñez Linares is a Guatemalan professional photographer, 29 years old. She began taking photographs at a very young age just for fun and had a very distinctive eye for it, ... Read more

  • Tim Nunn


    Tim Nunn is a photographer and a writer from the United Kingdom. He has been involved in the surf media for the last eighteen years, starting out as a film cameraman shooting video... Read more

  • Susanna Nurdjaman

    Lecturer of Oceanography Department, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung

    Susanna Nurdjaman specializes in Marine biogeochemistry, marine pollution, marine plankton, marine ecology, oceanographic modeling, fishery oceanography, marine biota cultivation, ... Read more

  • Kevin O' Connor

    Originally from Point Pleasant, NJ, I started surfing when I was 6 and have always been interested in marine conservation. I graduated from Flagler college in 2016 with a degree in... Read more

  • Matt O'Brien


    Matt O’Brien is a 19-year-old photographer currently living in San Francisco, California, Matt has always been in and around the water. Only within the last couple years has h... Read more

  • Hunter O'Brien

    Hunter O'Brien is a self-taught photographer and human movement coach, based in Boulder, CO. His photo work is layered by nature, outdoor/active lifestyle and human unity. O'Brien'... Read more

  • Jamie O'Brien

    Professional surfer

    ... Read more

  • Killian O'Brien

    Surfer, Skier, Writer

    Killian O’Brien is a qualified surfing and skiing instructor as well as a passionate writer. He is founder of Surf Ski Travel, an online travel blog. It documents his interests, ... Read more