• Taylor Nelson


    Taylor was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California. It's a small town 12 miles Northwest of First Point, Malibu. She grew up sailing and surfing, and quickly fell in love with... Read more

  • Steven Nereo


    Steven Nereo is a writer and photographer based in Los Angeles. His work tends to often revolve around the ocean and water. When not working, he enjoys spending his time traveling ... Read more

  • Oliver Nermerich

    PR Consultant/Writer/Blogger/Surfer

    Oliver Nermerich is 32 year old surfer who grew up in Germany, far away from the beach. The pr consultant, writer and blogger tries to spend all of his free-time at the Atlantic co... Read more

  • Tory Nersasian

    Sports Psychologist

    Tory is a freelance writer and sports psychologist based in San Luis Obispo, Calif. working with pro suffers from the World Surf League and International Surfing Association.... Read more

  • Camila Neves


    Camila Neves is a surf photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For many years, she worked as a fashion designer, and in cinema and publicity. In 2012, I left my her regular routi... Read more

  • Alex Neville


    The writings and stylings of an ex-jock turned herbal-infused, buddhist surfer monkey.... Read more

  • Brian Nevins


    For New Hampshire native and adventure junkie Brian Nevins, it's been over a decade of around the next corner adventures, adrenaline rushes, eye opening moments and humbling convic... Read more

  • Bryan Nicholson


    I am a New Hampshire-based photographer. Growing up in New England, I was always drawn to the ocean. Always living a short drive from the beach, I cant imagine growing up and livin... Read more

  • James Nicol

    Founder, Snoplanks

    James Nicol is a snowboarder and founder of Snoplanks, based out of Bend, Oregon.... Read more

  • Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus

    Surf Life Coach

    Bartholomeus started surfing the tropical shores of his home nation Holland a very long time ago. These days he prefers the warmer climes and his beloved Cornwall. Once he roamed t... Read more