• Sean Ruttkay


    Sean D. Ruttkay is an artist based in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Through his art decor brand, EDA Surf, Ruttkay uplifts consciousness in the built-environment by 'watering the wall.' ... Read more

  • Ted Ryan

    Ted Ryan is a 31-year-old freelance photographer and writer. Raised in Maine and Vermont, his work is influenced by nature: the creatures it contains, the bounty it shares and the ... Read more

  • Tim Ryan

    Video Producer / Editor

    Tim Ryan is an award winning video producer, writer and editor working with consumer products and lifestyle brands. He is Founder & Director at TAR Productions.... Read more

  • Patrick Rynne

    Founder, Waterlust

    Jack of all trades and self-declared master of none, Patrick Rynne is a marine physicist, ocean engineer, surfer, sailor, candle stick maker and the founder and creative director o... Read more

  • Cyrus Saatsaz

    Author, Dogwild & Board

    Cyrus Saatsaz is the author of the book Dogwild & Board: Stories, Interviews, and Musings from a Surf Journalist. He's also a journalism professor at LCCC and host of The Dog &... Read more

  • Nick Sadrpour

    Surfer/Ocean & Coastal Scientist

    Nick Sadrpour grew up in Los Angeles and during college he began working in a microbiology lab in Orange County monitoring ocean water quality. He moved to Monterey and earned a Ma... Read more

  • Dean Saffron

    Documentary Photographer

    Dean Saffron is a freelance documentary photographer. He began his career as a commercial photographer. In January 2007, he undertook aid work projects and documented Austraining p... Read more

  • Brian Sager


    Brian is from the New England area and grew up sailing and surfing on Nantucket. Years spent on the water, playing water polo, and lifeguarding, instilled a great love of the ocean... Read more

  • Keoki Saguibo


    Keoki Saguibo is a former pro longboarder and Hawaiian lensman.... Read more

  • Melina Saint Thunderdome


    Melina is a comedy writer. Her new e-book “Dirty Bingo: Why I Can’t Sit Next to That Cheater Eleanor Blythe Anymore” is out now!... Read more