• Emily Rathmanner

    Emily is a freelance designer and travel blogger. She's spent the past three years traveling the world, working from her laptop, surfing, making art, talking to strangers, and gett... Read more

  • John Rathwell

    ... Read more

  • Mark Rauscher

    Surfrider Coastal Preservation Manager

    My passion at the Surfrider Foundation revolves around the incredibly dedicated people who volunteer to protect their little piece of the coast. I'm stoked every day I get to use ... Read more

  • Michael A. Rawlins

    Extension Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Michael Rawlins' research activities focus on investigations of large-scale hydrology and biogeochemistry. He is interested in how climate processes affect and influence terrestria... Read more

  • Justin Rayboun


    Justin Rayboun is a freelance photographer, with a love for outdoor subjects and the use of natural light. He likes to photograph surf, travel, wildlife, landscape and natural scen... Read more

  • Nick Razzano

    My name is Nick, I'm from Long Island, New York, and I have no idea what else to say about myself except that I'm a tattoo artist who tries to ride BMX and surf as much as possible... Read more

  • Benny Read

    Chief Executive Frother, Compare Surfboards

    Benny from Compare Surfboards is a self proclaimed surfboard addict and the brains behind Compare Surfboards. An “everyday surferâ€... Read more

  • Robert Reader


    Based in Cornwall, south west of England, Robert has been a freelance photographer and illustrator for 15 years. Much of his personal work utilizes polaroid film. Mainly shootin... Read more

  • Tyhe Reading

    Photographer / graphic designer

    I'm a 19-year-old photography and graphic design student. Growing up on the coast, I love everything to do with water. I capture the movement of water and seascapes of my local are... Read more

  • Jay Reale

    Jay is a former pro bodyboarder based in San Clemente, California, originally from Ocean City, Maryland. He has held a host of other jobs in his adult life as well including subst... Read more