• Kirstin Scholtz


    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kirstin Scholtz moved to Cape Town (on the coast) at the age of 12 where the ocean immediately captured her heart and sparked the beginning of w... Read more

  • Sebastian Schramm


    I have lived in Innsbruck (Austria) since 2002 as a passionate freeride snowboarder. I discovered surfing at the age of 20 and spent the majority of summers in Indonesia, as surfin... Read more

  • Daniel Schroermeyer

    As a landlocked surfer from Germany, Daniel found his passion for board riding in skateboards and snowboards. That inevitably led him to surfing. Ever since then he's been chasing ... Read more

  • Nic Schuck

    Nic Schuck was born on the Emerald Coast in Pensacola, Florida. He graduated with a MA in English from the University of West Florida and is an adjunct in the English department at... Read more

  • Anna

    Anna is a Swiss travel blogger who likes to share her experiences and inspire people to see the world. She holds a degree in cultural and political science and has several years wo... Read more

  • Kevin Schultz

    Sports Photographer/Writer

    Kevin Schultz was born and raised on (not in - an important distinction) Long Island and currently resides in Long Beach. He grew up around the water both in the pool and at the be... Read more

  • Tommy Schultz


    Tommy Schultz has spent the past twenty years getting his camera into interesting situations. Originally from Virginia, he’s been based in Southeast Asia since 2004 where he love... Read more

  • Cori Schumacher

    3-Time World Longboard Champion

    Cori experienced surfing for the first time prenatally. Her mother surfed with her until she was 8 months pregnant. She received her first surfboard when she was 5 and surfed her f... Read more

  • Amit Schwacht


    Amit Schwachter is an independent filmmaker from Tel Aviv. His main interest is surfing and extreme sports in general.... Read more

  • Henning Schwalbe


    Henning is a German transplant who has called Southern California his home since 2007. He met his wife here in 2002 and they now have a little boy, which limits his time with the U... Read more